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This instructable shows how to adapt the GoPro Hero2 camera to fit on a large fishing lure (or jigger) so that you can observe the fish that are within range and also see the action during the catch.  There is a limited time opportunity to fish for cod in my area so I wanted to take advantage of the schedule to get all the information that I could. I decided to try the "flat adhesive mount" that was supplied with the camera. The "curved adhesive mount" would probably work as well but which to select  depends on the shape of the lure used.  The Hero2 is rated down to 197 feet (60 meters) but I didn't want to push it for this try so I rigged my reel with about 130 feet of line.  Fortunately the line was long enough for the area we fished in (see the video below). My only previous experience with the Hero2 camera was to mount it on a wooded stick to observe trout in my small backyard pond.  I did a video of that and posted it on youtube at this url:

The procedure to adapt the mount to the lure has been recreated in the following steps.  I used my drill press to make the holes and to countersink but a hand drill would work just as well. 

Keep in mind that there is a fair risk that the camera and lure could be lost if you run into a big fish or if you get a serious snag.

The video below shows my experience with the camera on the lure (aka Cod Cam).  Not shown is when the hook was torn free of the lure when the split ring (connects the hook to the lure body)  allowed the fish to twist the hook free.  (I might get to make a separate video later showing that action.)

Step 1:

Step 2:

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Drill a hole through the lure body far enough up from the hook to allow the camera to see the hook and the surrounding action. I used a 3/16 inche drill to accomodate the flat-head machine screw that I selected. Remove the burrs with a counter sink bit (or a much larger twist drill).

Step 3:

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This is the most important step as you must drill a hole through the plastic rib that runs down the length of the mount.  Best to start with a smaller drill size to act as a pilot hole for the final drill size.  Also, it is essential that you counter sink the hole enough to ensure that the head of the screw does not interfere with the attachment of the mating camera bracket.  Make a few test tries as you increase the depth of the counter sink.  I decided to leave the foam pad (that has an adhesive coating) on the mount so that it would help the mount to conform to the shape of the lure and also to let it serve as spring locking method for the screw/nut.

Step 4:

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Test to make sure the screw head does not interfere with the mating of the mounting parts.  Once this is taken care of you can go ahead and attach the flat mount to the lure with the screw and nut.  No need to say that it is essential to make this a very tight connection because of the possibility of the two loosening up and ...

I didn't use it, but might be a good idea to use a chemical locking compound between the screw and nut to give extra insurance against losing the whole shebang.

So that's it - do what you do to attach the line to the lure and get fishing!


MartinJ78 (author)2016-10-15

Look at this tutorial and learn how to Live Stream from GoPro:

S Connally (author)2016-09-07

If you're going to try this, you might want to try it on a less expensive action camera. Maybe try this one

gold20 (author)2014-06-26

What if the line snaps?

nlinventor (author)gold202014-07-08

It's gone!

temery (author)2014-06-14

It's a great idea, but I don't want to risk losing my $400 camera in a lake somewhere.

nlinventor (author)temery2014-06-14

It's a bit risky!

Tim Temple (author)2012-08-03

It is the poor man's sonar. Set a timer for when you push the button on the camera. Log the time at each ten feet you let the camera down. Pull it back up and put the CD in the computer. See where the fish are at a certain time. Translate that to feet below the surface. Fish at that depth until you get your limit.

It was funny watching those stupid fish hitting on the camera!

dougalh (author)Tim Temple2012-08-14

Or you could get a wifi backpack then watch it live on your iphone?

desaad37 (author)dougalh2014-05-15

I tried this in my reef tank so that I could watch it on my cell phone and within a couple inches into the water, signal was lost each time. Unfortunately, it wouldn't work. Maybe someone could create an antenna so that this would work?

cdroman (author)dougalh2013-02-13

WiFi doesn't work underwater. Checked. Even if you submerse the cam 1 inch, the signal is lost on your phone. (picture froze).

rhysendicott (author)dougalh2012-08-17

WiFi uses the same frequency so the water so signal would be blocked and it would not work.

nlinventor (author)rhysendicott2012-08-18

rhysendicott - that confirms my thoughts on wifi through water.

nlinventor (author)dougalh2012-08-14

dougalh - kind of doubt that the wifi would work through water.

awesaomeness5 (author)2013-09-22


sprorok (author)2013-08-12

That's sweet

Fish Nerd (author)2013-02-06

Super cool

nlinventor (author)Fish Nerd2013-02-06

Summer is not that far away :)

bobthebuilder728 (author)2013-02-05

That is really cool!!!

Thanks :)

vincent7520 (author)2012-08-02

Holly mackerel (if I may say so) !…

This is unfair fishing !…

(or did I miss something ?…)

shaune23 (author)vincent75202012-08-02

I'm assuming there isn't a live feed of what the camera sees.

nlinventor (author)shaune232012-08-02

shaune23 - no live feed and no means of viewing what you captured directly using the camera. You have to remove the SD card and read it on a computer or else connect the camera to a computer via USB to see what you have. No viewfinder even.

freeza36 (author)nlinventor2012-12-29

I think they sell a digital screen that attaches to the camera now..

nlinventor (author)freeza362012-12-29

freeza36 - Interesting, must check it out, thanks!

freeza36 (author)nlinventor2012-12-31

Sure! I just got a GoPro and I cant wait to take it up to the mountains. I plan to put it in a small stream and capture some brook trout swimming by.

nlinventor (author)shaune232012-12-17

shaune23 - No live feed, the camera does not even have a viewfinder or lcd screen. You have to take out the SD card or connect the camera to the computer to see what you captured.

nlinventor (author)vincent75202012-08-02

vincent7520 - check my reply to shaune23 below.

vincent7520 (author)nlinventor2012-08-02

Oh !... OK I was a little too quick on that one.
But then again it may give you an idea for improvement !!! LOL

bigflash1 (author)2012-08-02

Awesome idea! Get the underwater case for your GoPro, the quality of video is way better with it.

nlinventor (author)bigflash12012-12-17

bigflash1 - The camera was in the underwater case (that came with the camera) for all of the video shown. Are you talking about a different underwater case that I am not aware?

bigflash1 (author)nlinventor2012-12-18

Yes, GoPro makes a great new (I say new, it's been out for almost a year now) case that makes the video / pictures under water much more clear. Take a look at

nlinventor (author)bigflash12012-12-18

Thanks bigflash1 I didn't know about the new housing. Got to give a holiday gift hint now :)

Microbe (author)2012-08-02

Great idea.

Could we please borrow it to try to find a GoPro that is lying at the bottom of the ocean after the attachment broke while videoing dolphins around a moving boat :P

nlinventor (author)Microbe2012-08-03

Microbe - what kind of attachment were you using?

Microbe (author)nlinventor2012-08-03

It wasn't actually me or mine, my good mate was using it with

static (author)2012-08-02

This coulf nr something Heater LeCroix could use in making her YouTube videos

agis68 (author)2012-08-02

a true horror movie !!! should be prohibited by authorities......LOL

nlinventor (author)agis682012-08-02

agis68 - it's a reality check for sure!

agis68 (author)nlinventor2012-08-02

I bet !!!

mister_jerry (author)2012-08-02

Needless to say, but I'm very impressed!

bajablue (author)2012-08-02

This is freaking AWESOME!

Just keep your gps on and your dive gear handy! ;-D

FANTASTIC WORK nlinventor!!!

lud100 (author)2012-08-02


onrust (author)2012-08-02

Brilliant ....and long live your quotas!

fixitbear (author)2012-08-02

This video is abolutely crazy! I wish my Dad was still with us to see it. Great video and great fun! Really cool idea. And those fillets will be tasty I'm sure.

nlinventor (author)fixitbear2012-08-02

fixitbear - Thanks and yes the fillets are delicious!

BrandonZV (author)2012-08-02

It looks like you have some sort of flash on the camera when you catch the fish. What's with that? Just glare from the sun shining through the water? I am curious as to how you got everything so bright in general.

nlinventor (author)BrandonZV2012-08-02

BrandonZV - no flash or artificial lighting used. It was a sunny day and, to my surprise too, Hero2 did a real good job even when the camera was 100 + feet down. But, we have very clean, and obviously, clear, water here off Newfoundland.

pomroy (author)2012-08-02

Fellow Newfie, commending you on your ingenuity. Quite the cool idea haha, good luck filling your quota :P

nlinventor (author)pomroy2012-08-02

pomroy - we had no problem getting our quotas, we actually took less than allowed. Thanks!

brazell (author)2012-08-02

WOW!!! Most of our waters are too muddy, but I can think of a few uses for that!!

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