Introduction: GoPro Magnetic Mini Ball Head Mount

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One of my favorite DIY GoPro mounts. This versatile mount is super simple to make and comes in handy all of the time. Assembly takes a few minutes. Materials cost about $15.


  • 65# Hold Magnet ($8 hardware store)
  • Mini Ball head ($4 ebay)
  • GoPro Tripod Mount ($3 ebay)
  • 1/2" 1/4-20 machine screw
  • Craft foam
  • Loctite (blue)
  • Rubber Cement


  • Screw Driver
  • Razor Blade

Step 1: Attach Ball Head to Magnet

Picture of Attach Ball Head to Magnet
  1. Insert the 1/2" 1/4-20 screw through the hole in the magnet.
  2. Add a couple drops of loctite.
  3. Spin the ball head onto the screw.
  4. Tighten securely with a screwdriver.

Step 2: Add Protective Foam

Picture of Add Protective Foam

It's important to add some type of protective material to the bottom of the magnet to avoid scratching surfaces to which you stick this mount.

  1. Cut a piece of craft foam (or other material) slightly larger than the magnet.
  2. Apply thin, even coat of rubber cement to the bottom of the magnet and foam.
  3. Let dry.
  4. Once dry to the touch press the two glued surfaces firmly together.
  5. Trim excess foam with razor.

Step 3: Watch Out!

Picture of Watch Out!

The magnet is strong! It tractor-beamed my rubber cement in the middle of gluing.

Step 4: Attach GoPro Tripod Mount

Picture of Attach GoPro Tripod Mount
  1. Screw the GoPro tripod mount onto the ball head.

That's all folks! You are ready to roll.





kenvoon (author)2016-01-03

Hi, may i the magnet safe for the gopro? i just attached a speaker magnet to my 360 degree time lapse stand...but i kinda worry the magnet will destroy my gopro or the files in sd card....

peterthomsen (author)kenvoon2016-01-03

As far as I know it's safe. I haven't had any issues. I'm not aware of any components in the GoPro susceptible to magnets. SD cards are not effected by magnets.

kenvoon (author)peterthomsen2016-01-03

Dear Mr Peterthomsen,

Thanks for your fast reply, this gave me confident to use my diy...attached picture of my diy...Best Regards, Ken Voon.

allenmei (author)2014-12-21


asteadman (author)2014-06-11

You just saved me a trip to the hardware store. Need a bolt to connect my gopro tripod mount to a Steadicam.

Turns out I have everything I need to make this without leaving the house. Love it!

Thanks for posting!

peterthomsen (author)asteadman2014-06-12

I love it when a plan comes together.

_ART4LiFE_ (author)2014-06-12

Smart!! Awesome man

peterthomsen (author)_ART4LiFE_2014-06-12

Thanks. Have fun with it.

craftclarity (author)2014-06-11

NICE! Gonna have to make one of these.

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