Introduction: GoPro Pole Mount

I made this out of an old hokey stick. only took about 10 minutes.

Step 1: Things You Will Need

you will need one of the gopro flat adhesive mounts, some kind of square tubing, a hack saw, and electrical tape.

Step 2: Use the Hack Saw to Cut the Head Off the Hockey Stick

Step 3: Use the Electrical Tape to Seal the Cut End

Step 4: Place the Adhesive Pad on the Cut End (it Will Hang Off the Sides)

Step 5: Use the Electrical Tape to Cover the Ends That Hang Over.

Step 6: Final Product


Teeheedude68 made it!(author)2014-08-04

what I used was an old defense lacrosse pole but the hockey stick looks good

ryant_xc made it!(author)2014-08-04

I bet that worked great

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