Picture of GoPro RC Car Mount

It's fun to race RC cars around outside or terrorize your coworkers, but what's there to show for it afterwards? That just means that it's time to strap a video camera onto them and record all the action from the car's point of view. This is a job that's perfect for the lovely GoPro camera.

Step 1: Mount #1: the front bumper cam

Picture of Mount #1: the front bumper cam
This car originally had a small plastic bumper on the front. Fortunately, this was detachable so there are two screw holes on the underside that a new bumper could be attached to.

Of course, you'll also ned to pick up a camera. I'm using the GoPro HERO3: Black Edition. The 720p footage at 120 fps is well worth it.
tanders01048 months ago
Yes is there a place we could get the 3D file so others can print it too?
kumard5050 made it!8 months ago
hi I am deepak
Do you have a Rustler!?! I have one too!
I whant this, can you not put the 3d model up on some site or url so i can get it and modified it to my car...
i have the jeep shell on my rc car :) its a bit trashed though
Horef1 year ago
thought this is for a real car, it's an RC car, even better :D
ALSO: just noticed it says RC on the headline :D
bremus1 year ago
Very jealous of all the 3D printer owners.
TSJWang bremus1 year ago
I know right, all these projects that I can't afford
I have the rustler too