It's fun to race RC cars around outside or terrorize your coworkers, but what's there to show for it afterwards? That just means that it's time to strap a video camera onto them and record all the action from the car's point of view. This is a job that's perfect for the lovely GoPro camera.

Step 1: Mount #1: the Front Bumper Cam

This car originally had a small plastic bumper on the front. Fortunately, this was detachable so there are two screw holes on the underside that a new bumper could be attached to.

Of course, you'll also ned to pick up a camera. I'm using the GoPro HERO3: Black Edition. The 720p footage at 120 fps is well worth it.
<p>This is pretty sweet. I think it will work with this new camera I just bought, I need to rig this up asap!</p>
well done..
Yes is there a place we could get the 3D file so others can print it too?
Do you have a Rustler!?! I have one too!
I whant this, can you not put the 3d model up on some site or url so i can get it and modified it to my car...
i have the jeep shell on my rc car :) its a bit trashed though <br>
thought this is for a real car, it's an RC car, even better :D <br>ALSO: just noticed it says RC on the headline :D
Very jealous of all the 3D printer owners.
I know right, all these projects that I can't afford
I have the rustler too

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