Picture of GoPro + Scuba Light + Hand Grip Mount
This mount allows you to mount your GoPro and a scuba flashlight to a hand held grip for underwater filming.

Parts List:
GoPro HD Hero 2 camera
Dorcy Dive II/ Penetrator 220 underwater flashlight
GoPro rollbar mount
2-in-1 hand held grip/mini tripod (like this: http://bit.ly/yjlWP1)
5" Mending Plate
Two - 5mm x 0.8mm x 70mm tap bolts
Two - 5mm x 0.8mm wing nuts
Eight - 5mm x 0.8mm hex jam nuts
One - 1/4"-20 wing nut
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Step 1: Cut the mending plate

Picture of Cut the mending plate
Cut the 5" mending plate down to size. The predrilled holes are the perfect width apart to accomodate the rollbar mount.  I used a Dremel tool to file down the sharp corners and round them out.

Step 2: Replace bolts

Picture of Replace bolts
Replace the original rollbar mount bolts with new (longer) 5mm x 0.8mm x 70mm tap bolts and attach 4 5mm x 0.8mm hex jam nuts to each bolt. (In the pic there are 5 on each bolt. I ended up taking one off of each side)

Step 3: Attach light

Picture of Attach light
Attach light to rollbar mount ensuring the top of the mount curves towards the BACK of the light.

Step 4: Attach mending plate to mount

Picture of Attach mending plate to mount
Attach mending plate to grip mount with 1/4"-20 wing nut.

Step 5: Attach roll bar mount and light to mending plate

Picture of Attach roll bar mount and light to mending plate
Insert bolts from rollbar mount into mending plate and fasten with 5mm x 0.8mm wing nuts.

Step 6: Attach GoPro

Picture of Attach GoPro
Attach GoPro and enjoy!  :)
akcook2 years ago
Did you ever make a video using this mount?
lux4x42 years ago
I Like very much your project! Look my too

Only a question for you:
Did you use this case under the sea? I buyed the new diving case, because your case take records off focus!!
Quikpod DSLR would help with this - www.facebook.com/quikpod
MarkBarbagallo (author)  jackiehammill3 years ago
Not so much. Seems too large and has no light mount option.