GoPro Stand Binder Clip





Introduction: GoPro Stand Binder Clip

Simple GoPro stand with only a Binderclip

Step 1:

You can use whatever Go Pro case that you have and a "normal" sized Binder-clip. The biggest ones wont fit. There are also colored binder-clips if you want a personalized look!

Step 2:

Take off one of the Binder-clip "legs"

Step 3:

Place it in the "holes" of your case (both holes)

Step 4:

This should be what you'll get until now

Step 5:

Place the "leg" back to the "body"

Step 6:

Thats it!

You'll need a hard flat surface to place your stand

Step 7:

Front view

Step 8:

This stand can hold your Go Pro with no problems but use it under controlled environments only.

Step 9:

This pic and the previous one were taken with my cellphone and modded on Photoshop CS5 (portable edit)

All the others with the Go Pro Silver 3+ at 7 MP Wide (scaled to a lighter size and also modded on PS)

Step 10:

Use your imagination!

Leave on the comments what uses did you gave to this simple "upgrade".

Watch the videoRemember to THUMBS UP!



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    suuuper coool

    Post the pic when you "clip" your Gopro, it would be great to see how it looks!

    Thank you Jessy. Please post a pic of your Gopro with the stand; it would be nice to see it here.