Gopro activated by movement, the ultrasonic sensor move the servo when something appears close to the sensor, it can be programed to take pictures or video, and also it can be programed to stop taking pictures when there is no movement in the sensor.
Advantages over normal infrared motion sensors a.k.a. PIR, is that it can sense reptiles and insects, it can also log the distance of the object, and it haves a range of 4 meters.

Step 1: Get the Parts


1 Arduino
1 Gopro or any other camera
1 Ultrasonic Motion Sensor HC-SR04
1 Servo
1 100uF/25V capacitor
1 breadboard
lots of rubberbands

<p>Nice work.</p><p><br>I used one of these <a href="http://cam-do.com/products/gopro-motion-detector-x-band-sensor-with-cable-for-blink" rel="nofollow">GoPro motion detector sensors from CamDo</a> which uses X-band microwave range waves and the doppler effect. Range is decent and goes through a plastic box so can be mounted in a protective enclosure. More reliable than PIR for my application and you can turn sensitivity up/down.</p>
<p>please help me with the code if i want to add a buzzer and an LED</p>
<p>question... how do I go about changing some parameters like... instead of meassuring in cm i'd like the sensor to read in ft</p>
<p>ft = cm * 0.032808</p><p>I guess you have to change the serial print lines to:</p><p>Serial.print(distance*0.32808);<br> Serial.println(&quot; ft&quot;);</p><p>please tell me if it works :D</p>

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