Step 2: Materials

Picture of Materials
GoPro Magnet mount (2).jpg
GoPro Magnet mount (5).jpg
Appx Prices
Washers - $2 (Menards)
25lb. Disc Magnet $5 (Menards)
OR GoPro Tripod Mount $7 (Best Buy)
1/4" - 20 x 1/2" bolt $2 (Menards)

Pro Tip: It is essential that you have the right bolt, if you need to use force to get it to fit into the tripod mount, you bought the wrong one.  One way of ensuring that you have the right one is to go to a hardware store (Ace, hardware hank, etc) and hand the tripod mount to an employee and have them get you the right bolt.  Also make sure that it isn't too long, or you will need more washers. (and you risk making the mount unstable by raising the center of gravity.)