Step 3: Assemble!

I found that only one washer would fit on the bottom of the magnet, and that the remaining 4 or 5 will need to go on top.  Assemble mount by placing the bolt through the hole that already exists on the magnet.  

(NOTE:  We did have to expand this hole very slightly with a "round bastard file"  if you buy the exact same one from menards you will have to do this with a file... or a dremel... or something.)

Ended up going Bolt>washer>magnet>washer>washer>washer>washer>GoPro Tripod Mount
<p>Does a magnet that strong affect the digital media in the camera? I love the idea but would be afraid that one close pass of the magnet to the camera and you have an erased memory card. Thanks.</p>
U can probably just throw a layer or two of duct tape on the magnet so it doest scratch the paint... <br><br>The prblem with useing a magnet verses a suction cup is a lot of the proes cars have carbon or fiberglass hood doors trunks front fenders and even rear wide body fenders leaving only the roof... Its a nice mount... But its still better to just use the suction cup ... <br><br>On that note... I got a new mount idea for a chase car... Thank you for that... Good instructable
When I did this I made a number of mounts, one of which was a fender mount, doesn't use magnets. <br> <br>https://www.instructables.com/id/GoPro-Vehicle-Mounts-The-Fender-Mount/ <br> <br>And your welcome!
Great idea. Simple ideas can be the best. <br> <br>You might think about some kind of thin plastic or teflon sheet to put over the magnet to help protect the paint on a car. I like the fact that you figured out a 25 pound magnet was the right amount of force to keep the mount in place. Nothing like telling me the camera stayed put at Bonneville!
I thought the same thing, though my friend told me not to worry about it for now, as the car just had primer on it, and after the flats he'll probably have to re-bondo a bunch of stuff and re-paint it anyway (from the salt damage) so not to worry about it.
Excellent Post!!
Thanks!! Be sure to check out the other two!
More pics of the Coronet please. There is something special about MoPars from that era.
I'll see if I can dig up some more for ya, it's a beast. I'm still trying to get the actual video from the trip from my friend, but it's taking a while for him to do the rough cut.
Cool - can't quite tell how the bolt fits in there though - does the magnet have a recess? And then how do you get the washer to hold it? I guess I'll go find a magnet and sort it out, just wondering how you dealt with the bolt hanging below the surface of the magnet. Thanks for putting this up!
The magnets we found have a recess on them specifically so you can bolt something through it. I'll see if I can find an amazon equivalent of it and link it on the 'ible for you.
This is a well written easy to understand instructable. I love the utter lack of tools needed. Thanks!
Hey Thanks!

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