In need of a Wrist Mount for your GoPro Hero 3? Look no further! Following this guide, brought to you by, you can make your own - unless you threw away the box. 


      1 - GoPro Box

      1 - Strap of some kind, preferably with a buckle

      1 - Needle and Thread

      1 - Heat gun

      1 - Wrist

Passo 1: RIP

Remove the square, GoPro mount from the top of the original packaging.

Passo 2: CUT

Carefully cut the square into a rectangular strip.

Passo 3: BEND

Using a heat gun, bend the two short ends of your perfectly cut rectangle. (Protip: Any $13 heat  gun from your local hardware store will suffice.)

Passo 4: HOLES

Cut holes in either end with a width that corresponds to that of your chosen strap.

Passo 5: SEW

Push the ends of your strap through the newly-made holes, and then sew them securely into a  loop on each end.


Strap on that masterpiece on and start filming your next project!

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