Homemade under the seat mount for GoPro camera in order to take videos of the riders behind you.

This took me about 15 minutes and was free with things I had laying around the garage.

This was very fast and easy.

I think this works better than a seatpost mount because you can locate the camera farther back and reduce the capture of your legs or butt in the shots.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

  • I used two 4" x 4"  1/2" thick Corian solid surfacing samples which I got free from work. I also made an earlier version out of wood, but opted fro the solid surfacing material so I wouldn't have to worry about the wood cracking when the mount was tightened to the seat rails. A strong, tight-grained wood would work well.
  • 1/4 -20 short bolt for securing tripod mount to seat mount
  • 1/4" clamping bolt with washer, lock washer and wing nut
  • GoPro tripod mount (see my other GoPro Instructables, I use this mount for a lot of things) OR a GoPro flat sticky mount
  • (If I was to make another out of wood, I would use a piece of 3/4" wide x 1/8" aluminum top and bottom to spread out the load of the clamping bolt so as not to squeeze the wood too much and crack it.)

  • Drill press with 1/4" bit
  • Round file(s)
  • Band saw, scroll saw or jig saw.

great work I'll definitely build one of these
This is the best mount I have.<br>It's really simple to make and the shots are great as well.
Very nice job, would make a great light mount also. Love the use of the material Corian you chose.
Nice use of alternative building materials. At first glance I thought it was aluminum and thought, &quot;Over kill!&quot; &nbsp;<br> <br> I like mounting the camera to the frame of the bike to let it's weight dampen the shot. I've mounted to the front forks, as well. It looked good until started to do a lot of turning or pumping the bike. Then it not so much.<br> <br> I like getting the tire in the shot to see the suspension work. &nbsp;It really adds to the feeling of the trail.<br> <br> One shot I liked but haven't perfected with the very-low-to-the-rear shot. &nbsp;My feet keep hitting the camera and knocking it out of whack. &nbsp;It's a cool shot though.
awesome, keep em coming! how many go pro's do you have? are you going to be shooting front and back at the same time? if you have two, you should try to build a stereo mount! that would be so cool!
Just one camera so far. Who knows what the future will bring, however.

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