Picture of GoPro camera chest mount for Camelbak
I have heard great things about the Chesty GoPro camera chest mount, however, since I typically where a Camelbak when I ride, I figured it would be a good idea to make my own chest mount that works with/mounts to the Camelbak.
I also saved money.
Very easy and inexpensive and customizable to whatever backpack you use.

Video of the finished product in use can be found here:

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Step 1: Materials

Lexan sheet

3/4" wide Velcro

Small machine screws, washers and nuts

1/4"-20 short machine screw

GoPro tripod mount

Step 2: Mounting Plate

Picture of Mounting Plate
I used a small piece of Lexan that I had left over from my motorcycle deflector projects.
It's available at Home Depot and pretty inexpensive ($4 for a 10" x 8" piece).
I used a piece about 4 1/2" x 3 1/2"
Cut the top two corners off on an angle to suit the strap locations.

Mark 4 slots in the 4 corners where the 3/4" Velcro straps will attach,
Angle the top slots to match the cut corners.
Drill a small hole at the end of each marked slot and cut between the drilled holes with a coping saw to complete the slots

Drill a 1/4" hole in the center for the 1/4"-20 thread tripod camera mount screw.

Drill a hole between the bottom slots to suit one of the small machine screws. Locate the hole close to one slot

Step 3: Straps

Picture of Straps
gopro mounts 025.JPG
Run one length of Velcro through the bottom two slots and make a hole to screw the strap to the Lexan.
Use a washer against the Velcro and one against the Lexan.

Run a length of Velcro through each of the upper slots, double back over a short distance and make a hole for a machine screw. use a washer at each side of the Velcro.
110RPM made it!2 months ago
From aluminum. Works great!!!
That's nice, it should be a point of view different from the typical point of view "over the head", but in case of a fall it should be very dangerous. I think it's better that you add a larger and stiff plate, and also a sort of cushioning between plate and chest, to apportion a possible knok on a larger surface!!
marple200 (author)  andrea biffi2 years ago
Thanks for your opinion, but I don't think it is dangerous at all.
I hope it will never happen again, but a friend of mine felt on his camera and broke his rib...
love the idea! do you have any videos to share?
marple200 (author)  amandaghassaei2 years ago
Here is a video using the modified mount.
very nice!