Picture of GoPro underwater hand held monopod
I made this for a friend who was going snorkeling.
We tossed around some ideas of how to make an underwater hand held monopod for his GoPro dive housing. However, it can be used for any application where a hand held GoPro camera is required.
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Step 1: Materials

I wanted to limit the materials to as much plastic as possible so as to avoid corrosion from salt water.
Originally I was just going to make a simple, short hand-held grip for the camera, but found some PVC fittings that would allow for a cheap and easy extension section.

Basic materials are PVC conduit (electrical) and fittings and Lexan
  • 3/4" schedule 40 PVC conduit left over from previous project (surf fishing cart). Cheap from Home Depot (HD). I used a short length for the hand grip and cut a longer section for an extension section.
  • .093" thick Lexan (polycarbonate) sheet left over from previous projects (motorcycle wind deflectors). 8" x 10" sheet $4 at HD
  • 3/4" threaded conduit fittings - (2) male and (2) female - less than $.40 each
  • 3/4" pipe cap (from plumbing section, that's why it is white) - less than $.40
great idea with making your own mount with the lexan! It worked great for me. going out to the ocean this weekend to try it out.
LoudMusic11 months ago

I found that the aluminum square tube you can get at Lowes, etc, has the perfect interior measurements for the exterior dimensions of the GoPro pivot arms. I wrapped masking tape around the longer piece just to protect the shiny plastic, then drilled a hole through the side of the aluminum tube at the correct distance from the end, inserted the taped pivot arm, slid a bolt through the pole and pivot arm, and secured it with a wing-nut. Then I attached another pivot arm on the secured taped one, and attached the camera to that. It worked really well.

The aluminum tube might be more expensive than your collection of items but it's extremely rigid and lightweight. I mounted it to my bicycle for a "3rd person view". It could also be mounted to a vehicle or carried by hand.

Ninjutzu11 months ago
Great work. I like the idea of those holders from transparent plastic.
I made a different version basically for any camera with tripod adapter and can be used underwater too:
Steeler1 year ago
Good work,I just got a gopro 3 and looking at making up a mono-pod ...It would be great to have the pole in a quickly adjustable telescopic action.
marple200 (author)  Steeler1 year ago
Telescopic pole is on the list, however, I'm waiting for one to show up is some form rather than going to look for one specifically.
The Gator Boys on the Discovery Channel TV show use something like this. but not as high tech. The guy has a pole with a rope snare attached with a couple go pro cameras on it. He jumps in the Florida canals and ponds to capture problem gators, only thing he has is the pole with rope snare and a snorkel. Gets them out of the water and releases them to safe havens. Incredible footage with the GoPro cameras on TV as he wrestles 6 foot plus alligators underwater in the muck.