I made this wrist mount  for my hero2 by hacking the original plate that was in the box. I use it for diving, but since it is adjustable, you can mount somewhere else also: tried it on my upper arm while motorcycling, and works pretty well, giving an interesting picture: records the road, while my head is in the mirror.
I didn't make photos of the steps, but I will highlight on the assembled kit each of the steps you have to follow.

Step 1: What You Will Need

Gopro plate from the original box.
Something to cut plastic: I used my swiss army knife.
File to soften the edges.
Drill to make holes in plastic. Wood drill will do, it has a pointer to help keep in position.
Electrical fast ties.
Straps, and buckle from an old backpack.
Velcro stripes.
Some sewing.

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