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Introduction: GoT Wire Inlay

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You'll need! An image of your choice!
1. Wood
2. wire
3. Something to indent the wood (router or flathead screwdriver)
4. Small hammer
5. Sand paper
6. And a finish!

Step 1: Choosing Your Image

Choose your image and either print it off the internet, should use a sillhoutte, it's easier that way.

Step 2: Choose You Wood

Choose a piece of wood i used a thicker wood because i didnt trust myself that much haha

Step 3: Wire

You can use buy flat wire or just buy any size wire and flatten it with a hammer

Step 4: Copying Your Image on Wood

Copy your image to the wood, make sure your image is visible!

Step 5: Indenting in the Wood

You can either use a very thin flat head screwdriver and a hammer or a router

Step 6: Putting Your Metal In

After you finish indenting you need to start adding the metal, bend the metal to fit in your slots, hammer lightly in then super glue it in

Step 7: Sanding

After your done putting the metal in wait for the super glue to dry, start with a low grit sand paper, and start to go up

Step 8: Finish

Finish by adding laquer or whatever you choose! I used a bit of fire to add the brow color to it, sanding was cool to see the silver color come out!



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    I used stuff called original super glue that worked the best for me! And i though about doing wood burning but i like the way it looks right now! You could tey it out well you should tey it!

    greeting sir. i like your work and style. one question. please. wat type of glue do you use. i have tryed the AC glues and they seem to seap into the wood and create a wee all over the show look. any suggestions i would be eternatly gratfull. thanks very much. rolfo

    Cool idea. You should try wood burning or somehow highlight the eye and/or other parts.

    Birgitjansen- Well i indented the wood a good 1/8 inch or so, so it's pretty well in there, and the super glue held up really well!
    SergeE- i have no clue try it out!

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    I have been thinking about using my CNC Router (myOX) to groove the wood and then see how it would turn out ... the solder should soften/melt quickly enough ... I might just give it a try. They kind of do this for stained glass, why not wood ?

    I wonder what would happen if one used solder instead of wire and then give a quick heat gun treatment? Would the solder stay within the grooves making it look like one continuous/solid metal inlay ?

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    how did you transfer your image to the wood? you did a great job I really like it

    I didn't do those, I was just thinking out loud about some variation of the technic shown for metal inlay used in this particular Instructables.

    There are many ways of transferring outlines and even color images to a wood panel. Several have Instructables, I would need to search for them (or my 'collection' for a few) ...

    I printed out a sillhoutte of the image and taped in on to the wood and chiseled my marks in from there

    Cool idea. Just curious, the wire is not completely embedded in the wood, is it? It's still sticking out a bit, right? Was the superglue strong enough to hold the wire in place during sanding etc.? Love the idea, so easy to adapt for all kinds of designs!