Picked up a Goal Zero flashlight from Woot last week, and was upset to find that (contrary to the advertisement) it won't charge normal 18650 cells. 

Step 1:

The battery it came with was unusual, in that it had two contacts on the top of the cell which corresponded with two contacts inside the flashlight:
Don't you mean 500 mA? mAh is a measure of energy, not current. <br>If the flashlight charges from USB, which have a maximum current of 500 mA, the limitation seems quite sensible. <br>
Good catch - I'll have to update the instructable. <br><br>I agree that the charging current is in line with the usb specs, but there do exist higher current usb ports. That said, it's probably much cheaper to make something that only draws that much, rather than something that tries to negotiate with the power source to get more juice.

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