Introduction: Goat Cheese Apricot and Asiago Bacon Roll-ups

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Explosions of crunchy bacon and savory sweet warmed goat cheese with bright apricot jam wrapped in meaty madness touched by sharp Asiago, and just a hint of sage. Too rich for more than three or four for me in one sitting. Probably an amazing party appetizer.

With or without the Asiago/parmigganio is up to you. I've had it both ways.

Step 1: Cook Your Bacon.

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I chose pre made bacon. My fav is a good pack of Kirkland readymade Bacon. Sprinkle it with parmiggano reggiano or Asiago cheese. Microwave for 15 seconds (or however long you need for not readymade bacon).

Step 2: Spread Apricot Jam

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Any apricot jam will do. Mmm. This will help keep the crumby goat cheese stuck to the bacon when you roll it up.

Step 3: Sprinkle on the Goat Cheese

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You could do just plain goat cheese but for extra meld go with this apricot and sage infused goat cheese!

Step 4: Roll Up and Eat!

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Roll up! These make excellent hors d' oeuvres. Put a toothpick in to keep them rolled up tight.


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