Picture of Gobo Light Projector
This gobo light projector uses found objects, store bought lighting parts and one (1) custom fabricated armature. You can order online or make your own gobos that pop into this apparatus to project illuminated images at various sizes. We custom designed  cloud and grassy field gobo to be dreamy. This sculptural lighting assembly is decorative and interactive.
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Step 1: Diagrammatic Assembly

Picture of Diagrammatic Assembly
Review the overall assembly of parts that you will need to find, make and buy. We chose to repurpose a hard cigar box for the base because it had a functioning lid that made wiring easy and has a nice wallpaper-like pattern.

Step 2: Parts check list

Picture of Parts check list
Parts List: Grounded 120v A/C plug, 18 guage electrical cord, mid-cord toggle switch, wire nuts, cord grip, cigar box, custom support arm, misc. screws, 5/8” rubber grommets, metal flashing, cable sleeve, 50W MR-16 lamp.

From Tech Lighting:T156 Pendant, Freejack Canopy, Gobo Assembly, Gobo holder accessory, additional magnifying lens.

From Hollywood Lighting:
Gobo (laser cut-out image) 

Step 3: Drill Cigar Box

Picture of Drill Cigar Box
Drill holes for power cord (2). Drill holes for mounting the Canopy base. Layout all parts first and mark holes with a pencil. You should probably make your custom armature at this point. Do not drill mounting holes for the armature at this point.

Step 4: Pull Power Cord

Picture of Pull Power Cord
Pull the power cord into the box. Use a “cord grip” to secure the power cord in position. Leave just the right amount of cord to be wired into the canopy.

Step 5: Wire the Fixture

Picture of Wire the Fixture
Secure the canopy base to box and pull the power cord into the canopy base and expertly wire using wire nuts.

Step 6: Mount Armature

Picture of Mount Armature
Insert the surface canopy over the canopy base. Next, align the tube opening in your custom armature with the pendant mounting hole in the canopy. Mark armature mounting holes, drill and mechanically attach the armature.

See that tubing at the end of the armature? Be sure the diameter is bigger than the end of the pendant. Now, insert the T156 pendant through the armature and into the canopy. Use the rubber grommets (split by you) to position the pendant stem within the oversized tube support.
nikosb7 months ago

Is it possible to adjust the projection angle (narrow to wide) to control the size of the projected image (small to large)? If yes how can that be done?

fujofly3 years ago
Gobo means "goes before optics". The lighting template (plastic, metal, glass) that holds the design you want to project.
l8nite4 years ago
I have no idea what a gobo is and even after a quick google search Im still not sure, Kind of like a single slide projector ? neat project though and it does have a sculpturel look to it
A gobo is a thin piece of metal with a design cut out. When placed in front of a light source, the image is then projected. They are most often used in theatrical applications, but also becoming more commonplace at special events and even for advertising. Try googling Rosco or Gam gobos....those are just two of many many brands. Also, you can make your own with those aluminum pie tins - though buying them is far far easier!
Nick Thomas Design (author) 4 years ago
Thanks for the feedback. We will update the steps with images to clarify the "gobo" component. You are correct in that the gobo is like an individual slide, which is placed directly in front of the MR-16 light source.