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Introduction: God of War: Blades of Chaos

I made these replica blades six years ago when I was seventeen. They are made after my favorite game God of War (for those who don't know). They aren't perfect but i think they are pretty good for a first try with what tools I had (jigsaw, sander and a wood file). I have learned a lot and acquired way more tools since then haha.
They are made from a single piece of knotty pine and a length of chain.
-First i started with a template for the pieces i needed. 
-I cut out a main sword piece and then two more to go on each side of the main piece.
-Then i filed and sanded like crazy until the blade had a nice edge and was smooth.
-Painted the pieces and screwed them together. Attached the chain to the butt of the handle and was done.
And now they make a nice edition to my game room.



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    This is.. so beautiful. Only words I have

    make the paint for the 'blood' thick so that it looks like drips then thin lines.
    very cool. pls post an instructable on the sanding because i an a novice.

    awesome it would be cool if someone did the blade of olympus

    dude this is by far the coolest thing ive ever seen on the internet

    thanks man, always nice to meet another god of war fan.
    as soon as the snow melts i going to start on make the Blades of Exile too.

    hey for a 17 year old with limited tools ya did pretty good :)
    youu thought about aging the bronze handles?

    Thanks for the compliment! Well I think that I'm pretty much finnished with this project. I like to think of it as a good example of one of my first serious projects. I am curious about bronzing the handles though. Do you know how could I do that?

    check out how this guy got a faux antiqued look on his 'ible