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Materials Needed:

-Yarn (Color and thickness of your choice)

-2 Sticks (Popsicle sticks, skinny dowel rods, or sticks straight from a tree)

-Markers (Four Colors)

*For our example, we are using Worsted yarn and Woodpile Fun! 0.125in x 12in Dowel rods.

Step 1:

Take your sticks, coloring one end of the stick BLUE and the other GREEN. Then take the second stick, making one end BLACK and the other PINK.

Step 2:

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1. Tie the yarn around the center of the BLACK and PINK stick. Place the BLUE and GREEN stick on top of that knot, to make a cross.

2. Have the GREEN stick start at the top and the PINK on the right.

Step 3:

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1. Then take the yarn, and cross through the BLACK and GREEN sticks. It will come out between the BLUE and PINK sticks.

Step 4:

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1. Cross the yarn under the PINK stick. Once it is crossed under, go over the intersection, and the string comes out between the BLUE and BLACK sticks.

Step 5:

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Cross under the intersection and the yarn will go between the GREEN and PINK stick.

Step 6:

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Wrap the yarn over and around the PINK stick.

Step 7:

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Pull the yarn under the craft so that the yarn is now in between the BLACK and BLUE sticks.

Step 8:

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Cross the yarn over the point of intersection.

Step 9:

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Rotate the sticks, and BLACK will now be on top.

Step 10:

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Then place yarn under the GREEN stick.

Step 11:

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Then cross under the intersection of all the sticks, and enter into the space between BLUE and PINK sticks.

Step 12:

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Cross under the BLUE stick.

Step 13:

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Then cross over the intersection, into section between PINK and GREEN sticks.

Step 14:

Rotate sticks clockwise, and repeat steps 3-6 until sticks are secure (6-7 times).

Repeat until the yarn is in between the BLUE and BLACK sticks.

Step 15:

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Take the yarn and loop it underneath the BLACK stick.

Step 16:

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Cross over space between the BLACK and BLUE sticks.

Step 17:

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Loop underneath the BLUE stick, and tighten.

Rotate craft clockwise so that PINK is at the top

Step 18:

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Repeat step 7 on each stick.

Step 19:

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When you want to flip it for a more intricate design, stop it with the string looped over the top of one of the sticks.

Step 20:

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Flip the entire craft over.

Step 21:

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Then, start the same weaving process over again.

You can flip it over as many times as you would

For our example, we did
eleven rows, and then flipped it

Step 22:

Once you have reached your desired size of craft, cut the string and knot it to a stick.

Step 23:

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Congratulations! You have made a God's Eye craft!

Step 24:

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Try different colors and more/less flipping to create your own unique look.

Step 25:

Here's a video of all steps for more help...


seamster (author)2015-10-08

Nice! I remember making these when I was a kid. Such a great craft for little hands!

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