I like to take normal-sized things, shrink them, and attach them to my ears. The other day I was teaching someone how to make God's Eyes and decided to try out how they would look done in wire. No soldering or glue needed.

If you've never made a God's Eye with popsicle sticks and yarn, you may want to practice on that scale before trying with the smaller wire.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

* 20 gauge wire
* thinner wire in two colors (I think I used 28 or 26 gauge, but the label's been lost, so I'm not sure)
* earring hooks or posts (I used posts, mainly because my ears prefer them, either one would work)

* wire cutters
* needle nose and/or round nose pliers (whichever you work with best)
* hammer and anvil
* ruler
* metal file (not pictured)
Agreed! Very cute :)
Very cute and so tiny :)
That's awesome!!!

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