Simple cheap goggles for working with deathrays. I made them a while ago, but i thought i´ll share it anyway.
I didn´t need any expensive ones, i just needed to protect my eyes.

You can slowly lost your vision by looking at the spot where you concentrate the light, if you don't use protection.
If you have a dog, he should wear goggles too!

Here´s what i´ve used:

electric insulation sticky tape
paper tubes
gold paint
rubber band
welding helmet glass
glass cutter
some plastic gears from a scanner
needle & thread

* Do not use these goggles for welding

YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/SteamTek

Step 1: Glass

You really need to get this one like i have or silmilar if you will use it for deathrays.
Don´t use just ordinary tinted glass from some cheap goggles.
It needs to be so dark that you will not see almost anything throught it in a room, and you must be able to look into the sun with it.

I´ve took a glass from my old welding helmet.
Used a glass cutter to cut it in half, then in quares..uf,rather see the pictures:D

*look up how to cut glass by yourself, im bad at this:)
*cutted myself in a finger, so a pair of gloves is really handy
Looks like something from a syfy movie, very cool.
Wow love them! Nice work mate!
Oh, those are awesome! <br>

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