Step 2: Lenses and lense holders

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I started but cutting off the threads on both ends of the coupled, and grinding off the chrome from the insides. I did this just so that they would be brass on the inside, unfortunately the outside rings were not brass and therefore would always be silver no matter how much I ground them. They could be painted I suppose, but I left them silver.

I cut two circles out of a clear plastic sheet the same diameter of the inside of the outer ring. I screwed the threads back in to hold the lenses in place.
tRoy heRman3 years ago
How did you connect the ring to the leather?
shawnon6 years ago
I used a slip joint nut instead of a coupler. It comes with a rubber washer that fits on the inside, and I just glued the lens between the nut and washer. It looks the same, and no metal-cutting involved! _
I'm looking at supplies online to price how much this is going to cost me. What size slip joint nut did you use? 1 1/2? 1 1/4? Bigger?
I used 1 1/2" and I think they were ~$8, but that was 3 yrs ago so they might be more or less now. Here's some pics in case they help.
P1020401 sm.jpgP1020402 sm 2.jpg
couldn't find the exact coupler at any hardware no matter how common it would seem to be so I'm going to look for a slip joint nut or just order online if they don't have that in-store either...can't believe home depot and lowes don't have the coupler though I would think they would, but no, not even on their websites! =( Thanks for the tip!
I think I got it in the plumbing section... good luck!
no prob, found it in the bath/household section (I was in the industrial plumbing where they keep the galvonized steels, and PVC pipes) of my store. Guys, go look in the bath section since this is not used in industrial plumbing.. -__- they even had the slip joints by themselves, but I wanted threads, so..
Leon41254 years ago
Is there any way you could explain in more detail how you went about the whole coupler part of this? It'd be much appreciated. I'm not really a tool type of person, and I'm having enough trouble finding access to a dremel and would really like to be prepared when I get there. I really like the look of your goggles. They were exactly what I was looking for. They have a sort of simple elegance and seem nice and close to the face for maximum visibility. I also like that you were able to make the lenses replaceable, so when I move past the old Harry Potter glasses lenses I'm using now to actual lenses that can help my vision, I'll be able to replace the old ones.
aintMichael (author)  Leon41254 years ago
There wasn't much to it. Ibasically just cut off as close to the edge of the threading as i could using the cut-off wheel on a dremel. you could probably saw it off with a hacksaw, it would just take a while longer. as long as when you're done you have just the threaded portion of the coupler that's all you really need.
Oh, it makes a lot more sense now. Thanks for the help and the great Instructable!
to make the lens on mine i used a cd case it cut fine with sissors
SteamyPunk6 years ago
What did you use to cut the plastic rings? Also, might you know where one could buy a plastic sheet or something similar like premade lenses? Thanks
aintMichael (author)  SteamyPunk6 years ago
I'm pretty sure I just used a sheet of transparency paper or something like that. It may have even been some packaging material or something. Then I just traced a circle and cut it out with an x-acto. Depending on the materieal you could just use scissors too. Basically find any clear plastic and anyway you have to make it into a circle.
Ahhhh... I went out and bought some Plexiglas, because I have a Dremel tool with a tip that can cut it. :) Thanks though! I can't wait to get started on these!
Guy.Fawkes6 years ago
What about brass-plating the rings? Should be fairly cheap if you don't want to set up your own plating tank; check with local metalworking shops.
corbet6 years ago
Thanks for the instructable! Just curious, though -- what did you use to cut off the threads of the coupler?
aintMichael (author)  corbet6 years ago
Thanks. I used a cut-off wheel and a dremmel. I started with a small hack saw, which worked fine, but I don't have a good vise for holding it once I got halfway through.