Gone green at home?
If so well done!!
Now spread the green-love to your workplace...

This Instructable will show you some practicle excercises, which may assist you in reducing your workplaces signature on the globe...

I work for a Home-depot style store.We excercise many avenues when trying to reduce our damage to the globe..

Fortunatley the business I work for is very community minded and is willing to input revenue into these projects.
Yours may not be so willing, yet some gently persuasion by staff may assist..

$$$ figures seem to work wonders. Although some set up costs are involved, they will reap the $$$ back in the future...


Step 1: Planning-

Although not the most exciting step, it is a necessity and needs to be done first in order to achieve maximum results with minimum expenditure.

You should begin with enlisting as many co-workers and management as possible.

Many hands make light work.

Try to get at least two other keen people to orgainise this with you.

Start small, think BIG

Too often we find that what may seem like a small issue, can rapidly escalate and accumulate into a much larger problem. This can often go un-noticed until a critical level is reached.

Take a look around your work place.

Note all the obvious things that would make a sudden/large impact if something was to be done.
Of those break it into two groups 1. Low cost 2. High cost .
Low cost solutions should be considered initially as they will be more acceptable to the business.

You should be also looking for things which will not disrupt the flow of the work place especially during business hours when converting\implementing.

Parallel conversions (running both simultaneously until new system works etc) are always a good option.

In the following steps I will show you what we have been able to accomplish and how you can do it to..

. Great job - I gave it a +. . I used to work at a hazardous waste incinerator and since everything that came in contact with hazardous materials was considered contaminated, we generated a lot of waste. While they started recycling a lot of stuff, their main emphasis was on "waste minimization" - the less you make, the less you have to worry about.
As of next week our mixed waste dumpsters(2) are being picked up. After that we will sort everything and recycle 99% of our waste(hard). I look forward to that day. I will not miss those bins.
I love this!!! It is great that you are going green not only at home...but also at work! It is absolutely awesome, nice work!
Thankyou, look forward to some more additions. Our funding has just started, soon we hope to get into the community some more. Perhaps our local waterway will be our next project.

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