Step 6: Recycling Containers-

Finished the milk bottle off after your coffee??
Where does the plastic milk container go? In the trash? I certainly hope not.
Worldwide sorted garbage disposal and separation at point of usage is becoming more and more popular.
Many local governments run recycling programs for plastic/glass/aluminium containers.
This may also extend to business addresses also.

In our case our containers are separated and collected in these blue plastic recycling bins. They are picked up bi-weekly. They provide an easy and convenient way to stop these precious resources going into our hard waste.

The bins were supplied free of charge and are collected free of charge also.

Well worth looking into if there is not recycling bins in place.
. Great job - I gave it a +. . I used to work at a hazardous waste incinerator and since everything that came in contact with hazardous materials was considered contaminated, we generated a lot of waste. While they started recycling a lot of stuff, their main emphasis was on "waste minimization" - the less you make, the less you have to worry about.
As of next week our mixed waste dumpsters(2) are being picked up. After that we will sort everything and recycle 99% of our waste(hard). I look forward to that day. I will not miss those bins.
I love this!!! It is great that you are going green not only at home...but also at work! It is absolutely awesome, nice work!
Thankyou, look forward to some more additions. Our funding has just started, soon we hope to get into the community some more. Perhaps our local waterway will be our next project.

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