When one is enjoying the beauty of the wilderness, it is important to understand the impact one's presence has on the fragile environment. We don't want to foul the water sources we rely on or affect the habits of the wild critters that live there. If one excretes carelessly, microbes from waste can taint water from nearby streams and lakes, or become an eyesore if dug up by an animal. Here are some techniques for safely and properly disposing of human waste in the wilderness.

Step 1: Materials

A simple small, durable plastic shovel, and partial roll of toilet paper (size depending on how long your trip is). Keep these clean in a gallon zip-lock plastic bag. Some hard-core backpackers take the cardboard roll out of the middle to save space!
Good 'ible. I've wondered about this situation a few times, not being a wilderness person...yet.
There is no bathroom in the wilderness !

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