Introduction: Gold Eyeshadow Look

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Achieve this simple & cute eyeshadow look by following a few easy steps.

Step 1: Eyebrows

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Before starting this look, have your eyebrows ready. Shape them out & fill them in as needed. (If you prefer doing them at the end that's ok too)

Step 2: Prime Eyelids

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Prime the eyelids with an eyeshadow primer. This way you avoid creasing & enhance the colors. Do this in a gentle patting motion with the ring finger.

Step 3: Main Eyeshadow Color

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Using a piece of clear tape, place it on the outer edge of the eye in a slanted position. This gives the eyeshadow a clean edge. Next, apply the main eyeshadow color (Gold) onto the eyelid.

Step 4: Crease Color & Blend

Picture of Crease Color & Blend

Without removing the tape, line the crease with a dark brown shadow. Blend away. Lastly, remove the tape. (You can also keep the tape on until the end if you wish to use it when applying the liner, if it helps you)

Step 5: Highlight Inner Corner

Picture of Highlight Inner Corner

Highlight the inner corner of your eye by gently patting a light shadow (In this case a shimmery white). You can drag it out a bit on the lower lash line.

Step 6: Winged Liner & Mascara

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Line your eyes with a black liner (whether eyeshadow, liquid, or both!) and wing out. Using your favorite mascara, apply generous coats to the upper and bottom lashes.

Step 7: Completed Look!

Picture of Completed Look!

The final look should look like this. Feel free to use other colors as well.

~If you can't tell by the pic & want to know specific products used, feel free to ask~

Best of luck!


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