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Introduction: Gold Nerf Reflex

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I've always wanted to paint one of my guns gold, and since I don't have any black to finish painting my stampede, I painted something smaller. I recently got this gun so i modified it and painted it. I took the air restrictors out, I took it apart, sanded it, primed it with white spray paint and painted it gold. I put a clear finish on it so it doesn't get scratched, too. This thing shoots HARD.

That's pretty much it, I just wanted to show everyone this.



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The man with the golden gun.

NAw, i personally don't know at all how to use PVC and use it in nerf guns. I'd like to, but i don't.

if you use the pvc mod on the site, apparently it makes it shoot up to 40 feet!
its quite easy judjing from the instructable

Took me about an hour for the pure chrome under coat. Then I decided to buy a disposable sprayer. Went MUCH faster after that.

:-) What is the rank in NOF you unlock gold camo? (Nerf of Duty)