Introduction: Gold Dipped Feathers

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I was styling a photo shoot and wanted something interesting to put in the photo.  So I gilded some feathers I had lying around.  You can string them as garland or put them in a vase.

Step 1: Materials Needed

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Pheasant feathers
Gold spray paint
Gold end caps

Step 2: Painting the Feathers

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Start by laying the feathers flat in a large box or piece of cardboard.  Cut out strips of paper that are wider than the feathers and with an angled end.  Tape the pieces of paper down to the cardboard, exposing just the tips of the feathers.  Brush the feathers so that the barbs are all in the same direction and flat.  Spray the feathers with two coats of gold paint outdoors and allow to dry completely.

Step 3: Finished Look

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When the paint has dried, place a drop of glue to the quill of the feather and attach the gold end caps.  Your feathers are ready to string on a piece of twine as a garland.


cool i love them my sister would love it too

ponentesincausa (author)2014-03-11

Very pretty! Did you sprayed them on both sides?

yes and meticulously followed the same line : )

This is so simple, but they are so pretty! Did you have any trouble with the paint making the feathers clump together or anything?

No if you keep the spray paint 12" away it shouldn't clump at all, its also up to you whether you want to spray the otherside but its more work because you'll need to tape up exactly on the same line.

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