Introduction: Gold Was Hidden in Waste Electronic Devices

Gold was hidden in waste electronic devices.


unclelar (author)2015-04-02

260 million more and you may have a dollars worth

BillC86 (author)unclelar2017-06-08

i would like to know at what point do you start making a profit after you offset the cost of the materials to get so little, I mean that stuff isnt cheap. Right?

pfred2 (author)unclelar2015-04-02

You got it! etrash gold bugs are annoying pests. The stuff they screw up is worth more before they get to it.

onesourkrout1 (author)2015-04-02

where's the instructional part of this post?

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Bio: WHY!!!!! Would the computer companys put gold in the computers and electronic equipment. Because gold does not oxidize and is a great conductor… In connectors ... More »
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