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Introduction: Golden Eclipse (Nerf Stampede Mod)

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Here is my finished modified nerf stampede.

All the parts that were yellow on the guns was painted gold, and almost all of the rest was painted black. 

If you didn't see my earlier photos of this, then I will tell you what I have done.
I fully modified a nerf maverick to the best of my potential, cut a part of the stampede off, and part of the handle off of the maverick and glued the maverick onto the under barrel of the stampede. It is basically a stampede/ maverick integration.
No modifications had been done to the stampede until I had painted it, but since then I have upped the voltage to the motor in the stampede by soldering on a battery pack that holds 8 AA batteries. This makes the gun shoot about 4 shots per second. This also made the gun quite lighter, and more balanced all together. With the 6 D cell batteries in the back the gun was really back heavy; but now with the modified battery pack the gun is lighter and shoots faster. Overall I think this is the best nerf gun modification I have ever done.
Please leave me some feedback. Is this a good idea at all?
Also, I would like to know how I could put the name of the gun (Golden Eclipse) onto the stampede somehow?



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    9 Volt batteries would take less space and you don't need so many double A. Same principal just different battery adapter.

    Using a stencil is the easiest way that still looks professional however modelling clay could be used to elevate the letters around a millimetre or so.

    1. Get screwdriver(flat one)
    2. Chisel it on

    In order to learn how to BURN on the name "Golden Eclipse"(Pathetic!) please follow nerd97 and swear your unswerving loyalty to him.

    -Your Future Master

    how to get the name on: first file the acual name of. then make the words out of currogated card board paint that whatever color you want then glue that on. hope it works for you :)

    How do you cock and fire the maverick? It looks like it would not fit any normal way you hold a gun, so I am interested to know how you pull this off! Amazing job by the way!

    Dude make an instructible on how to attach the maverick!

    Did you ever get down to getting the name on there?

    Get the gears and the other internal parts cast in metal. Then upgrade the motor and spring. I like it!

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    Oh gosh. That sounds like too much! I like it how it is now, and I bet that would cost a lot of money :/

    I agree it would be really awesome, but if I did decide to do it I would do it with a new stampede.

    Yeah. Make it look stock then fire a hundred feet.