I wanted to create a piece that integrated 3D printing and LED lighting, so I combined 3D printed Golden Gate Bridge spires with diffuser tubing and RGB LEDs. The RGB LED 1 Watt lights shine up on the 3D printed Golden Gate Bridge spires in the official GGB International Orange (RGB - 240,74,0) and the Addressable Strip inside the curved diffuser tube emulates cars crossing the bridge in the fog - the "cars" are a combination of a whitish (randomized white/yellow hue) pixel followed by a low intensity red pixel to simulate headlights and brake lights, with every 20th car or so being a red/blue pixel combination to simulate a "police car".

Step 1: Golden Gate Bridge Spires - 3D Printed

I found a clean STL of the Golden Gate Bridge via the web and reduced the file to only the vertical spire. I printed this 6" tall and realized that it would be lost in the piece and the ratio was too small for adding all the lighting I envisioned. 12" tall turned out to be just right for my purposes. I printed these on the Stratasys 500 on the fast print setting (60 microns) using Vero Clear compound. Attached is the STL file - enjoy :) Also in the pictures are photos from a research boat trip...
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