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This is one of the projects I did during my Artist In Residency at Instructables last July. An awesome experience!

Actually it was the last project I completed at Instructables HQ. But I needed to make this Instructable the first, as it includes the instructions for the recipients.

For souvenirs to take home I couldn’t think of any better message than something I made myself, at Instructables and involving the recipient into some making. I’m very grateful Instructables agreed upon me making several copies to take home.

Working on a laser cut advent calendar I came up with the idea of making a laser cut model of THE icon of San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge. I made it both as a part of the advent calendar and as test for the packaging. More Instructables on this advent calendar project and the laser cut kits it contains will follow.

Most souvenir models of the Golden Gate Bridge are not true to scale; at the same time shortening its length drastically and emphasising the vertical suspension cables, but neglecting to show how long the bridge actually is. Obviously my model is simplified too, but I decided to go in another direction. At about 30 cm long the model is at a true scale of 1/6500. The main suspension cables are simplified to elastic bands to follow the theme of the advent calendar using only acrylic sheet, screws & nuts and elastic bands. At that scale it becomes impractical to reproduce the vertical cables. It gives another approach, but still, everyone in the San Francisco Bay Area immediately recognises it as the Golden Gate Bridge.

This Instructable includes the material and design choices and the packaging. The readers that get the souvenir as a gift can jump to the last two steps dealing with opening the package, taking out the parts and assembling the kit.

I dedicate this Instructable to Gabe, for his quick and recurring help in getting the machines in the workshop up and running.

My god children would love playing with this! Thanks!

goodwordalchemy made it!3 months ago

This was really cool. Thanks for the instructable!

I wrote about it my experience making it on my blog. There's a little bit of feedback there, but take it with a grain of salt. Here's the URL:


Turned out great Yvon! Looking forward to you finding your way back to Pier 9 someday.
M.C. Langer2 years ago
Fantastic! I have one!!!
Awesome design and cool laser cutter
It looks beautiful!
masynmachien (author)  emilyvanleemput2 years ago