Golden Minifigure


Introduction: Golden Minifigure

Step 1: Paint

What I used for my golden Minifigure was model paint (acrylic paint). You can buy these paints at a craft store. Were I got this paint from was Michael's craft store. There you have many choices of paint and tools.

Step 2: Brushes

Like I said before, the brushes I recommend are acrylic brushes and you can also get those at Michael's.

Step 3: Painting You Minifig

I painted my Minifigure by putting claps on each individual piece, then when you're pieces are dry, you can attach them to each other. Drying takes 15 to 30 minutes. Your mini figure what really have much poseabillity, but it's still pretty cool. If you fiddle with it like I did the paint might rub off, but it does look amazing. Comment if you like this or you have made one.



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    You are mean. I was new to instructables and you thought mine was stupid

    I used gold sharpie marker it took maybe an hour and ten minuites

    I used gold sharpie marker it took maybe an hour and ten minuites

    Wow great lego

    Thank you! I will try to do that for further creations.

    Great idea! I would try to get a little more of an even coat, or apply it twice. You can kind of see the brush strokes.

    Comon peeps can you please say something