Picture of Goldens Play The Game of Operation
On a spooky Halloween night, the evil surgeon Phoenix decided to play a game of Operation. Poor Cavity-Aladdin's nose didn't stop lighting up and buzzing as Phoenix removed his funny bone, spare ribs, and charlie horse. Despite this, the evil doctor proclaimed the Operation a success!

These costumes were a combination of hand-made and store-bought pieces. We were inspired to create this Operation game set-up after we had a Toyland party for one of our dog’s birthdays.

Materials Needed:

Hospital Gown
Red and white craft foam
Glue (we used Fabri-tac)
Silver paint pen
Red, white and yellow poster-board
Surgeon’s cap
Scrub shirt
Red foam ball
Elastic cord
Black toupee
Red yarn
Rawhide bone
Salad tongs
Red felt
White index cards
Black permanent marker

Step 1: Putting Together the Patient

Picture of Putting Together the Patient
We wanted to make the hospital gown have the same shaped pieces found in the Operation game. We sketched the pieces we wanted out on paper. We decided to use only the ones that might make sense on a dog, and left out such pieces as writer’s cramp (which would be in the arm). After looking at the real pieces and sketching them much larger on paper, we then traced the shapes onto red craft foam and cut them out. This represented the red colored holes the pieces rest inside on the game-board. We then traced the pieces again onto white craft foam, and cut out the insides, leaving a border only about a quarter of an inch thick. We colored these white borders silver with a silver paint marker. We then glued the borders on top of the red foam pieces, so that they would look like the silver edges that buzz if you touch them in the game. For the pieces themselves, we cut slightly smaller versions of the shapes out of white craft foam, and glued them in the middle of the red pieces. The only exception was the ankle bone connected to the knee-bone. For this piece we used a rubber-band, just like in the game, which we attached with two brads stuck into the red foam. We then made cards indicating the name of each piece with an arrow pointing to it. We glued the pieces and cards onto the hospital gown, in the approximate area of the body that would make sense.
waggy1011 year ago

lol that is sooooo cute

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This earns the cute award
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HA! I love it!
That is so cute! You don't see many couples dog costumes very often!