I knew about this stuff that cured completely clear and thought it'd be cool to experiment with suspending 3D prints.  This project came from another idea about a severed head in a glass jar - apparently like Futurama (thanks, Audrey) - but a bit more ghoulish.  A full-scale 3D printed head is either super time-consuming (mCor paper printer) or super-expensive (color sandstone), so it may have to wait.

This little guy is cool enough to Halloween up the kitchen, tho.

Step 1: Download a Model From the 123D Gallery

Use any fish model you like, or make your own.  Just remember, it needs to be robust enough to stand up to some handling.  I tried a full-color print in sandstone, but it's so brittle, I didn't want to take a chance breaking it.

When I saw Mr. Fish by Chuck Norris, I knew he was the one..!  I used an Objet Connex at Autodesk.  This guy is pretty simple, so a Makerbot should work totally fine.
This is super awesome! I love it! And what an original idea! What is the fish made out of?
UV-cured resin - made with an Objet Connex printer. Kinda overkill.. :)

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