Picture of Goldie's Toxic Waste Barrels
Here are some toxic waste barrels that I made for my haunt 2007. I was trying to think of a way to make toxic waste look like it was really toxic. I wanted it to look alive, like lava-with lights flickering from inside and steam-fog. Here is what I came up with and it looks great in person. The orange ones looked live lava and was extremely convincing, and the green ones looked toxic.

Step 1: Step 1

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I got some empty cardboard 55 gallon drums. I wanted them to look like the black and white steel drums, so we painted them. We spray painted them with black and primer grey, and we used duct tape to section them off where we wanted different colors.
brandon833 years ago
Here is my version of this great Instructable. I used smaller pails and they are all stuck to a cardboard base. This lets it looks like there is a flow to the waste, when it is actually just me covering up the string of lights.

I used orange halloween lights so that is where the colour is from, plus the yellow spray foam. If I made another I would use green lights.
woodhegm (author)  brandon8310 months ago
Wow that looks Great!!! I am proud of you!!! Sorry I haven't responded earlier. I couldn't remember my password to get on here and I just now reset it.
Your buckets look awesome! Planning on making some this year, where did you get the buckets and how big are they? Thanks in advance.
Hi. They are just 5 gallon pails from Home Depot, painted black.

I'm trying to get rid of this prop as I need the space and the neighbourhood kids are bored of it. If anyone lives in London Ontario and wants it, give me a shout!

can this be done with expanding foam and glow sticks? im planning on using it in a forest for an airsoft game and can't get electricity into the forest.

woodhegm (author)  Captain.Airsoft10 months ago
I imagine it could be. You could also use Battery operated string lights...usually available in craft stores.
hackmattr5 years ago
What color lights did you use? Just clear or did you use green lights for toxic waste.
woodhegm (author)  hackmattr5 years ago
I used green rope lights in a couple of the barrels and orange lights in the other two. Thanks for asking, Goldie
Rishnai7 years ago
Wow. I'm scared from here. Love your technique to get the texture and lighting correct. It's interesting how fake toxic waste usually looks more dangerous than actual toxic waste. Now where'd I put that gas mask?
I have a gas mask!
cheech123456 years ago
this is an awesome effect! where did you find green rope lights? did you need a fog machine for each barrel or did you connect it somehow?
woodhegm (author)  cheech123456 years ago
You can find rope lights during Christmas season and some stores carry them all year round. (Such as a A.C. Moore, Michaels, Ben Franklin's) I used a fog machine in each barrel.
kurtkyre6 years ago
These are awesome! I'd love to see this effect somehow worked with a TCT (trashcan trauma) prop!
Calebd1806 years ago
First off killer Idea The great stuff really adds a wonderful texture. Second where did you get those 55 gallon barrels?
woodhegm (author)  Calebd1806 years ago
I got those barrells from my workplace.
I don't know about his fiber board drums, but I used a plastic 55 gal that I got for free from a car wash. When car washes buy soap it comes in these barrels, and when they deplete it they just toss it out. Go to your local car wash and ask if they have any empty ones, and if they don't, when they'll be through with it.
Thanks a million thats a Great Idea! I will have to do that some time this week end.
woodhegm (author)  Cabanaman6 years ago
Thanks Cabanaman. I like your barrel. It turned out rood and I liked the video.
Cabanaman7 years ago
Definitely my favorite instructable! Here's my take on the Toxic Waste canister...

Plasmana7 years ago
Whether it is fake or not, I would never dare to touch one of your "poisonous" barrels... Great instructable! I love it, and it is very scary... Good work you had done! I will rate you.
dafrimpster7 years ago
Very Cool effect. good Job!
Jordo7 years ago
This is a Great Idea! in case you want to know there is a site where you can make you own warning labels, and you can use the toxic waste symbol and stuff.

your barrels are AWESOME Goldie! thanks for the how-to (and i see the face also, VERY CREEPY!) :-) i gave it a 5!!
maruawe7 years ago
Very nice Good Job maybe you could have used glow powder (green) with that
Wow, These looks really great. Nice idea.
Mr. Rig It7 years ago
Cool. May I add some suggestions? 1.You may want to add a specific step for safety regarding the power tools, expanding foam you used snf electrical hazards invovlved. They may be minimal but safety first. 2.You may also want to add a tool step as well stating specifically what tools you need to complete the project. 3. It might be good if you gave each step a brief title other than "step 2" etc. This project turned out great and I may do something like this in the future. Good job!
martymunch7 years ago
This is a really cool idea... btw look at the picture in step 6 (the darker one with the "danger" sticker exposed). Just to the left of the sticker there looks like a creepy face in the "ooze" COOL.
woodhegm (author)  martymunch7 years ago
You are right. I do a see a face to the left of it-it is lit up. Cool and creepy.
That will be perfect for Halloween. Did you put in some black lights? Because those stickers are glowing,
woodhegm (author)  Deltaforce25557 years ago
Yes this scene was set up under black lights as well.
This is perfect for my mad science laboratory! (pronounced lah-BOR-a-tor-y) MUWHAHAHAHAHA!!!