Picture of Golf Ball Trebuchet

This is a trebuchet we made for our Concept Physics class. Our trebuchet threw a golf ball a distance of over 29 yards! We were the only all girls group in our class and we built the best trebuchet. We did a little bit of research and set out to construct our own and here is what we created!

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Step 1: Materials

7 - 4 ft long 2x4"s
2 - 2 ft long 2x4"s
4 - 3 ft long 2x4"s with the ends cut at 45 degree angles
4 - swivel chair wheels
1 - 2 1/2' re-bar
an eye hook
4 ft of string
a sack
1 laundry detergent basket

Step 2: Building The Frame

Picture of Building The Frame
1) Make a rectangle out of two of the 4 ft long 2x4's and the two 2 ft long 2x4's.

2) Take two more 4 ft long 2x4's and center them so that they lie flat in the center of the 2 ft long 2x4's. This will create the platform that the golf ball will slide along before being released.

3) Attach the swivel chair wheels to the bottom of the four corners of the frame. The wheels not only help with transportation but also allow more force behind the throw of the trebuchet.
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meelon181 month ago

Do you have any pictures showing the sack/sling set-up?

Kiteman4 years ago
you have an acceleration of 292 fts-2, but the other project published about the same trebuchet has an acceleration of 300ms-2.

I think you'd better check each other's data.
Well, after 2 years, 9 months, and 28 days your comment has its 34th reply.
I'm impressed.
Oh...kay... (edges quietly away)
faleure Kiteman4 years ago
I'm pretty sure that the last page says 292 m/s^2, not ft/s^2.
Do you have any idea what you're talking about, or do you just go around bashing on everyone's instructables to make yourself feel better?

Come on, dude, we're in high school. Nothing is perfect.
Kiteman faleure4 years ago
I guess I don't know what I'm talking about.

After all, I've only written 100 Instructables, and I'm only a Science teacher.  Yeh, what would I know about publishing an Instructable on a Science project?

That was constructive criticism.  Your teacher warned you that you would get criticism (I think the phrase he used was "If you do a poor job putting this together, the Instructables community will tear it apart!").  If you want bashing, I'll be happy to oblige, but maybe you'd prefer some questions that I would ask if one of my 12-year-old students handed this to me as a piece of work?
  • Shall we start with the strange mix of Imperial and SI units?
  • Or the claim of research done without sources being referenced?
  • Or the 133:1 ratio, where did that come from?
  • Or how you know that wheels increase the range?  Did you try it without?
"We're in high school" is not an excuse for not doing your level best. 

Oh, and congratulations on finding the edit button.
It's very amusing to see a self proclaimed mature and intelligent individual paying out high school students.

Grow up and get some maturity.
Excuse me?  Age has nothing to do with this.

Unless you have led a very sheltered life, you should be aware of how important constructive criticism is to the learning process.

These students made mistakes which, if my own pupils had made them, would have been laughed out of the classroom by their fellow pupils.  The authors' own teacher gave them a specific warning about the expectations of this site.

Suck it in, get over yourself, and post something that isn't a waste of bandwidth.
You call your comment constructive criticism? More like sarcastic insults.
I'm sure glad your not my teacher.

but hey whatever floats your boat
Can I help it if I have higher standards than you?

(Water, usually).
I am a teacher also and am surprised how rude your comments are to this student. I suppose in some countries you can treat children like garbage and call it tough but we always called it bullying. When a student confuses SI and English you don't yell at them or belittle. That is not an instructional technique. It is also a violation of the "be nice" policy. I have never read an Instructable with rudness like this and am wondering how such a person could work with any other human beings, much less children. Perhaps we could direct you to an instructable on forming and keeping human relationships.
I am suprised that somebody who claims to be a teacher does not investigate a story fully.

All I did was suggest that students check their data.

As for rudeness, did you bother reading your own post out loud before hitting "post"? Try it sometime.

Your follow up comments are rude. You don't take criticism well and respond with attacks instead of consideration of the critique. Perhaps that might be an instructable someday.
Clearly we are suffering a breakdown in communication here - possibly the lack of vocal tone, and a temporal dislocation of several months - but your reaction is far greater than the situation warrants.

All members here are on a level playing field - if you can't cope with a touch of sarcasm, you're not going to get far in life.

(I wonder, dare I ask your specialism?)

(removed by author or community request)
man that was intense
hahaha. bodies everywhere
blood stained floor
smell of burned flesh
ash floating in the air
screaming people running around
a low mist erupts from the ground
broken swords and spears lying around
the cries of a woman off in the distance
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Then trollolols can be heard in the distance...
O.O Water? could you please explain? I don't get it.
Water. It floats boats.

Displacement floats boats.
you just made my day.
i don't know how... but you just did.

It was sarcasm - read the thread.
Its okay Kiteman, I've read quite a few of your Instructables, and I realize that you actually do know what you're talking about. I've had teachers much like you, its always fun to have teachers with sarcasm who actually care about details.
zman605 Kiteman2 years ago
You are right. Criticism is needed to succeed. Obviously too much is bad. As my STEM teacher says; "Put on your yes face." :D
High school teachers (science or otherwise) are mild and tender compared to project managers, supervisors, commanding officers, CEOs, investors, voters, parachutes...etc. Looking back from farther down the road- developing detail oriented work habits now is easier than breaking the habits of carelessness later.

Just the opinion of a manager, commanding officer, supervisor, entrepreneur, adrenalin junkie, parent...etc.

The instructables community is an incredible resource of skill and knowledge that freely share with each other without expecting anything in return- wish I had had such support when I was in high school. If my teachers had had such a resource...
Dr KAZ faleure4 years ago
Then get it perfect. Scientists (and Science Teachers) like that. On the other hand, failure builds the character of a REAL Scientist. Perseverance, despite negative criticism, makes the REAL Scientist INVENT. IGNORANCE of constructive criticism makes a Scientist an OUTCAST. After all, Scientists work together. Join us. Your friendly Polymath...
Lorddrake2 years ago
In step 2 you state that ..

"The wheels not only help with transportation but also allow more force behind the throw of the trebuchet."

what is the basis for the assumption that the wheels add to the force?

the only way I see that being possible is if you are rolling the trebuchet downhill at the time of launch, and even then the added momentum would be negligible unless it is an insanely steep hill.

It let's it have a little more momentum
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