Picture of Golf Ballz Pool Table
See, I used "z" so it is eXtreme...

It's basically just a table-top pool table that uses golf balls. It's actually quite fun and makes for a nice, quiet, drinking game. Plus, it stores as easily as a card table.
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Step 1: Gather Materials

Picture of Gather Materials
1 - door -- I got a 8 foot x 3 foot door at Lowes for $12
3 - 2 inch x 2 inch squareboards -- Mine were 10 foot long, but you really need two 8 footers and two 3 footers for the bumpers.
2 - sheets hobby foam -- the rubbery stuff. It's like 50 cents / sheet.
1 - can spray adhesive -- yes, you'll likely use the whole can and get quite a headache in the process
2 - yards netting -- I used nylon but whatever works. This will be the pockets.
9 - yards green felt -- you must use green or I will beat you until candy falls out.

Step 2: Cut the foam

Picture of Cut the foam
The 2 inch x 2 inch boards are actually 1 1/2 inch x 1 1/2 inch. With that in mind, cut the foam into strips about that width. These will act as the bumpers under the felt of the boards, so remember that the golf balls will be making contact with just the center, so they don't have to be exactly the same with as the boards.

Step 3: Cut the door

Picture of Cut the door
I used a plastic party cup to outline the pockets. I just lined it up one inch from each side on the corners and extended the lines with a straight edge. I cut these out with a dremel.

Similar process for the side pockets. Remember that you're building this on a cheap interior door, so the corner pockets will be quite easy to cut because it's hollow EXCEPT where the handles would go. (i.e. side pockets) So remember that the side pockets will be harder to cut.

Check the professional artists rendering for a perfectly-to-scale drawing of this process.
This is awesome. How well do the golf balls work with all the dents in them?
mine turned out great I made it as a christmas gift for my parents (they love pool) I know tottal hipocrit after telling mathew1986 to use green felt I went and used orange it looks sick though here's a pic (note my last name is Burden hence the B) I even ran PVC under it to run the balls to the side you do need to file down the joints on the inside though other wise they get stuck inside. But I love the noise of the balls when you make a shot and it rolls through the tube ok HELP I cant upload an image! how do I do this?
Just click ad images. it is right

Every door I find is 6 1/2 ' by 3' idk how the hell you managed to find an 8' X 3' door DX
If you have a ping- pong table you could make this without pockets and legs and just set it on the table
depotdevoid7 years ago
Just built this last weekend, the first instructable I've used, and it worked out great! Everyone from my 8 year old daughter to my Dad loved it. The golf balls work out okay, but I made the holes large enough for regulation pool balls anyway. Now I'm trying to find some way to get a set for less than 20 bucks.
you can get the pool ball at k-mart for 19.95 i just got a set
I found a used set at Goodwill for $18, we don't have a kmart here.
cool i'm glad you found them what's a goodwill?!?!?! j/k i love that place you can find all kinds of things to make the coolest stuff. coming soon my bed that wakes you up.
I know a source whereby you can get a full set of (somewhat used) regulation pool balls for about a dollar (specifically three or four quarters, depending on the bar).
mwwdesign vaxjo6 years ago
radioeyes8 years ago
Friggin' brilliant. What would make a good cue? I'd guess a standard one would be overkill with just plain old golf balls... Is there something slick you could use instead of fashoning one from a lathe?
they have short sticks you can find them at in a pool catalog
an appropriate cue would be the backend of a putter! just like the days when i was a kid at the mini golf course, leaning down and "pool" cue shotting the ball in. hehe.. you could even take off the clubhead and make a "set" of different weights and lengths for breaking, shooting etc and keep them on a "cue" rack. :D
A piece of timber dowel (with a weight on the end) or a broom handle maybe?
hey, this looks great! but i was wondering if anyone had some ideas for some bumpers in the middle to make a bumper pool table. i was thinking maybey door knobs covered in foam, but not sure. thanks
i love bumper pool and i think doorknobs would be perfect. just measure the height/diameter of the ball and divide in half to make sure the bumper will hit the ball on the centerline. i would look for wood door knobs, and then get some rubber bands and stretch them around it. if you have a wood lathe you could probably turn your own bumpers relatively easily, then just drill them in from the bottom of the table after marking it all out.
hey, thanks for the suggestions, i had forgotten about it tbh but i may re-visit it now i've finished school :)
Putt-Putt Snooker?
sypher6 years ago
i am thinking domjat from star trek ds9. It is a pool like game, that uses spring loaded cues, and balls about the size of golf balls, plays like carom board, bumper pool and a dash of pinball. I am totally lost on the rules of the said game but it would make good drinking game. You could put this on the floor and use a putter.
sypher sypher6 years ago
oh yes, i forgot, good idea.
ericcherry8 years ago
What did you use for a rack?
"Her chest." Boomtshhhhh...
hedgiehog7 years ago
Sweet, looks easy to do, looks fun for people who suck at pool but want to have fun, and it look CHEAP
oh and about the pool que question from radioeyes use an old broken golf club if you have one just put a cork drawer protctor on the tip.
yeah I do like the pockets i'm doing the same thing but a little different I like yours better they look cool although they pose a smash your skull in triping hazard (who cares just dont trip)
you do know he is going to kill you now mathew1986 for not using green felt and also do the sides give a good rebound or do they absorb the impact?
matthew19868 years ago
This is a table that I just made. I just need to paint the balls and make pocket liners. It's a fun weekend project.
Manata (author)  matthew19868 years ago
I like what you did with the pockets. Is that leather on the bumpers, or brown rubber?
Im guessing the rack was an equilateral triangle - what was the length of the sides? Im actually working on building one of these; when i get my act together i'll have to share my notes. :-)
Manata (author)  EvilLawnGnome8 years ago
Yes, it is an equilateral triangle. Each side is 9 1/2 inches, and if you are using the aluminum ruler method, you should be able to round each corner around the radius of a golf ball or some tubing. I've found mine to be slightly large for holding the balls, though. So, it could stand to be a bit smaller overall.
Manata (author) 8 years ago
I have one of those shorter cues for little kids, or when you're too close to a wall. It's about 3 feet long.
Manata (author) 8 years ago
I didn't have a rack at first, but I have since purchased a game called Putter Pool that is intended to be played with your putter on the ground. It contained numbered pool/golf balls as well as a rack.

Using that as a dimensions template, I also made one by bending, trimming, and soldering an old metal yardstick.
Fantastic concept! This looks to me to be about as much fun as washers, except indoor friendly. This is particularly of interest to those of us who enjoy pool but cant afford a pool table or dont have room for one. You should consider drawing up plans in Google Sketchup. Nice work!
mikesty8 years ago
I love projects like these, just for their straight up.. umm.. hokeyness? :) I love the fact that you used a door to make the freaking table, and colored golf balls for the pool balls. You are a winner in my book of victory :)