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Introduction: Golf Cart

How to make an old Golf Cart work again.

Step 1: Get Rid of Old Batteries

Ususally golf carts have 6 - 6 Volt batteries in them, If they are still good you can keep them, but if there not you will have to get rid of them.

Step 2: (If Old Ones Are Bad) Find Some New Batteries

The batteries in my golf cart were completely dead. I looked around online and at local stores for the cheapest new batteries I could find. I was going to replace all 6 of the golf cart batteries but, I decided to use 2 - 12 volt deep cycle rv batteries instead (much cheaper, ~$150 for 2 - 12 volts instead of ~$450 for 6 - 6 volts) The 6 - 6 Volts would give it 36v 220ah and the 2 - 12 volts would give it 24v 120ah. using 12 volts will give you half of the runtime and about 2/3 the speed of the 6's but its much cheaper.

Step 3: Rust

The motor in my cart was pretty much fine, only a little rust. I used WD40 on most of the moving parts. I still have to get some good grease for it though.

Step 4: Speed Control

The speed control in my cart is really really old, it only has 3 speeds and if your going slow all the extra power is wasted in heat. I could get a new one for around $200-$400 which would make it much more efficient and much smoother.

Step 5: Stuff I Plan on Adding Later

Battery Voltage/Capacity meter
Plastic/Plexiglass Side to keep rain and wind out



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your instructable is very good !
But I have a question,can you explain me the idea of amper hour?

Just yank all the battery powered stuff out & install a shaft drive motorcycle engine in it, This will give you speed, a transission (no reverse tho, unless you get the 6 cylinder Gold Wing) more reliability, and the lack of having to plug it in each night.
I've been told the rear end is modified from a Ford Pinto, but have no proof of that. But it should handle about any small engine if it is.

If you need help with this project please feel free to contact me.

Yeah, the motor uses about 800 amps peak and 140 on flat ground..

haha, wow, never used big motors like that before.

yeah, lol, it wieghs in around ~100 pounds.... :D

8| thats huge. you should build a cap-cart. basically, a bunch of MIT students modified a go-cart to be electric, and then they added ultracapacitors for a boost function. also has regenerative braking

Also it has a Shunt Wound 4 Wire motor in it, so youd need a special speed control.

I'm familiar with this one, it's the three-wheel sports model if I remember correctly lol. I'm glad that this was salvaged rather than scrapped, long live ye olde engineering! 8-)