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Golf hole

The reasoning behind the golf hole is relatively it was meant for practicing golfing. But the type of golfing varies for uses depending on how large your yard if it suburban than putting and to chip it in. But if you live in rural area than you could easily just play a full round of golf. The Mason jar golf hole is pretty simple the jar is to make sure that the hole stays like a pretty standard golf and the dirt doesn't shift. The flag is to show where the hole is which is attached to dowel that was run through lid, which allows easy removal of the lid. The lid is to keep out the rainwater and bug that may want to crawl in to the hole. The blackish wax is just children crayon mean it to anchor so the flag won't get knocked over by wind. The cloth that you see once you lift the lid off is just to catch the ball and transfer the energy to fastener, which means for the most part that is highly unlikely for the jar to shatter only unless the cloth wasn't secured properly.

Material list

Masons jar




Electric drill

5/16 twist drill bit



1/4” plastic tube 18"

Sewing machine


Step 1:

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Get masons jar, some cloth and scissors.

Step 2:

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Unscrew the mason jar fastener and take off the lid but don't dispose of these just yet you'll need them. Put the cloth over the jar and push down till you reach about more than halfway to the bottom.

Step 3:

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Then put the fastener on it and start tightening it down so the pocket should be there for the little golf ball.

Step 4:

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trim the cloth around the fastener

Step 5:

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then put the lid on it to see if there are no perceivable problems.

Step 6:

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Take the lid off drill a hole with a 5/16" twist drill bit in the center.

Step 7:

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get red pen , the lid , and the 1/4" circumference plastic tube 18"

Step 8:

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take off the pens lid and get out the pliers

Step 9:

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take it out by pulling at the tip

Step 10:

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then pull at the connector which you will need

Step 11:

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Then shove the connector into the plastic tubing push the tip first and get it really good in there.

Step 12:

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then put the lid through the connector

Step 13:

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then it glue the center of it so it stays in place I used gorilla glue which seemed to work well

let it dry for 5-6 hours

Step 14:

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dig a hole that is big enough for jar slip it in and start compacting and filling soil around it. But if you were playing a full 18 holes than place it about one half inches below the surface.

Step 15:

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Make whatever flag that works

mine was a simple rectangle with one remember that since its plastic tubing the your flag should be closed at one end so it will prevent a fair amount of water from entering



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Simple and effective, my favorite kind of build! Welcome to instructables!

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