Picture of Golf tee desk ornament
In this Instructable I will show you how to make a desk ornament out of some easy to find materials.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of materials
dskornament 002.jpg
The materials needed for this project are:

- golf tees
- a golf ball
- hot glue gun
- glue for the glue gun
- paint (optional)
tanis93196 years ago
use that damn thing as a flail head or a throwing ball
Keep it on your desk until the zombie apocalypse.
hammer98766 years ago
For the golfing nut in the family. Cool! I know you described it as a desk ornament, but any nifty ideas on how to incorporate a hook for a tree ornament? Anyone?
 I would:

a) Take a X-ACTO or similar craft knife and cut a notch about one centimeter or so from the tip (the side farthest from the golf ball) of whichever tee you wish to be the top.

b) Aquire some sewing thread (also called floss -- not the stuff for your teeth) and tie a nice, tight knot around that notch from step 'a.'  P'raps double it around to ensure it's tight.  Make sure there's one to three inches left over, depending on how far from the branch you want it to hang.  

c)  Bend one side of a paperclip so that it can fit over the branch of a tree.  Tie the thread (or floss, if you prefer) around the other, still coiled side of the paperclip.

d)  Place the finished ornament onto a tree branch.

e)  Be merry.

f)*  Visit my blog, http://ramblingsrobert.wordpress.com.
*Note that step 'f' is purely optional.  Also, forgive my shameless self-promotion.
peguiono (author)  hammer98766 years ago
drill a hole through it or glue a string to it possibly
fade4006 years ago
Has anyone tried any other type of glue than hot glue ? Maybe super glue or something ? The one I made is pretty fragile :(
Fabri-Tac works on everything!
 i think wood glue might work well. also: this looks more like a spiky ball of death (for throwing at someone you don't like) than an ornament...
twergy5 years ago
OMG thank you, i was making this originally for show but today i realized it was my grandmas birthday! these make an excellent present. (but there kinda hard to wrap) :D
fade4006 years ago
pretty digital _ Think il dip the tees in some UV paint ..
Goodhart6 years ago
That is a pretty cool idea, and really simple too. If you had enough of the different colored tees, you could make patterns and such too. Bravo !
ditto to Goodhart's comment!
peguiono (author)  Goodhart6 years ago
Thanks that would be a good idea :]
pgd50006 years ago
How many tees does it use?
kcli6 years ago
This is sooooooo space age! Can't wait to oaint mine gold and add some glitter to the tips. Nuclear thanks!
Wasagi kcli6 years ago
Glitter? How about Enriched Uranium?
kitjen6 years ago
How many tees did it take for you to make this? Great 'ible, and pretty quick as an ornament!
peguiono (author)  kitjen6 years ago
umm I don't remember for sure but I guess around 20 or a little more. I no longer have it, it broke when I stepped on it .
eygen peguiono6 years ago
lol make another one then, it looks so easy! When I get the chance to score around 20 tees I'll definetely make this!
galenorama6 years ago
pls6 years ago
so fun to look at:)
AznPanda6 years ago
Ha thats awesome
rc jedi7 years ago
neat idea!
mrbob10007 years ago
dip one in plasti-dip or something like that. it would look so cool!
ItsTheHobbs7 years ago
liked it better unpainted