Finally finished it! Video video video!
Where can you get the new micro knex from
I have some.
anywhere really. ebay kmart wall mart.
On ebay or craigslist ti's only 20 -50 dollars.
have you made a small roller coaster yet<br>if you have, please could you make an instructable
how many coaster sets do you have?
yeah, Im not rich I just accumulated the money over like 4 years now.
mate, how rich r u
POST IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i built this last year, I'm the only one that could even build this, it takes 7 screamin' serpents to build this.
Did you ride it in real?It's awesome man!<br /> If you didn't:&nbsp;GET&nbsp;TO&nbsp;HOLLAND&nbsp;AND&nbsp;RIDE&nbsp;IT&nbsp;NOW!!!
there is also Goliath coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain and that one is awsome I love it and it so smooth and makes you feel like that first drop your going to hit your head on the tunnel at the bottom and its also an 80 degree drop for the first drop its awsome.<br />
You know I want to so bad but Holland is 4K miles away.<br />
oooh that's not fun...
yea I know :(<br />
Not to make you jealous, but the Goliath rulez!XD<br /> The El Condor also does!<br /> If you EVER&nbsp;get to Holland, GO&nbsp;TO&nbsp;WALIBI!!!XD
Wow... That's huge!
I am from Holland and i did ride it!!!!<br /> Real fun!!!
do you live in holland?<br />
No, I think he lives in Ohio.
that's weird, the goliath stands in Holland, in Walibi World. I've ridden it.<br />
<p>well i think there is one also in ohio at a six flags park or somethin and they live in ohio along with me mepain and a few others i think</p>
Its mepain,solekiller, me and whoever else lives in ohio<br />
ohio pwns<br />
I think Odda and Killerk live in Michigan.
ya they live in michigan and come to ohio for wars<br />
Yup, I wish I was close enough to go. lol
ya where do you live?<br />
I live in Oklahoma. Sorry for the late reply. lol
Can someone tell me how to mod the rippin rocket booster so it'll work using the screaming serpant car?<br /> <br />
after 3 years i have finally figured out why none of my coaster hills never worked! Its because i was using a rippin rocket coaster car and it does not have one of those little ticker things on the bottom!lol!
Yeah, that could be a problem.
Heh. Now I want to build a tube-supported coaster right after I finish organizing my K'nex.<br /> <br /> By the way, which Goliath is this? (heh)<br />
It's the goliath from walabi world in the netherlands. I've never been there but it's an amazing coaster. <br /> <br /> your coaster could use some work try to keep your tubes neater. good for a first tubed caster though.<br />
Yeah it is. I live in the Netherlands and its exatly the same.<br />
Thanks, I'll try.<br />
I wish Knex still sold this type of coaster. BTW Nice job! :D
Ebay! but I don't want you bidding on any of my auctions! LOL<br />
One time I tried to buy someting of ebay and it was a fruad
Yeah you have to know that your gonna get it. like if they have a stock photo of somthing and no actual pictures then you almost know that your not gonna get it.&nbsp; not sure what happened to you though.<br />
Guys don't forget to rate!<br />
I rated it 5*.
LoL my brother must have posted on my account!<br /> <br /> But still RATE!<br />
Lol, I guess&nbsp;that's an advantage of having two accounts.
LoL<br />
Awesome! I wish I could build huge roller coasters like this.<br />
<p>Really?? You have tons of parts.</p>
I would need more coaster parts, like track and cars. <br />

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