Gonzo Soap Box Derby Car

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Step 4: Finished Product

Picture of Finished Product
After painting, Hanz and the aesthetic frame were bolted to the mechanical frame to yield the final product.  Figures 1 - 5 show the finished car on display and on the ramp in action.

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tleet592 years ago
Very creative and I had to laugh when I saw this. But with the driver's head trapped in Hans' neck hole, it looks like an opportunity for decapitation or a broken neck if he were to crash.
Amazing, you have my vote.
Very cool,,,, Question: How do you get in an out of the sculpture ?
dansan1012 years ago
I certainly hope you won on most exciting cart!
triumphman2 years ago
That looks awesome! A lot of wind resistance though! Still, really cool!
ImagineN4tion (author)  triumphman2 years ago
Thanks triumphman! Yes, Hanz was not the most aerodynamic car on the ramp that day. However, what he lacked in aerodynamics and low coefficient of skin friction he made up for in pecs and deltoids!

This instructable should be reviewed and available for voting in the EXTREME! challange soon. Any and all support is appreciated!

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