Step 3: Test and Enjoy!!!!

Give the ring a few practice tosses. If it goes way past the nail, make the string shorter, if it doesnt come near it, make the string longer.

You play by standing away from the nail, holding the string taught, and swinging the ring at the right angle, as to swing it onto the nail. You toss it so it swings in a U shape. Have contests, see who can get the most out of five, or keep the longest streak. Make up your own variations. In other words, have fun!!
excellent tutorial! exactly what I needed to set up a ring toss of my own.
My day plays with this every morning before work. It's very hard for me to beat him.
I went to a bar that one of these. Great fun. It was amazing how much people got into putting that little ring on the hook. There was one guy that spent way too much time there and didn't miss it was impressive.
My old roommate and I just happened to make one of these in our old apartment at the beginning of this summer, it was great for fiddling with while on the phone (we got no service in the house, what can ya do?). Little tip though; only use woven twine or something that will not unwind and lengthen itself (getting the length right is super important) , we ended up using heavy duty fishing line and it worked out perfect.

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