Introduction: Good Cliff Top House

Picture of Good Cliff Top House

Find a nice cliff

Step 1: Floor

Picture of Floor

Step 2: Walls

Picture of Walls

Step 3: More Walls

Picture of More Walls

Step 4: 1st Roof

Picture of 1st Roof

Step 5: Inside

Picture of Inside

Step 6: Upstairs

Picture of Upstairs

Step 7: Viola!!!!

Picture of Viola!!!!

The seed I used was towa


CraftinGenious (author)2014-01-25


flembag (author)2014-01-25

underwater fortress

CraftinGenious (author)2014-01-25

What do you doodz want me to do next?

clonestranger (author)2014-01-25

cool, I'm building one!

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