Good Morning Jalapeno Prank


Introduction: Good Morning Jalapeno Prank

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Have a roommate, sibling, or spouse that needs a good kick in the mouth?

How about a good taste of capsaicin in their morning brush?

The minty freshness of the paste will be just enough to mask the pepper flavor... but not enough to mask the burn.

I am using a Jalapeno for my prank, but feel free to upgrade, but remember what they say about revenge.
  1. Grab yourself a nice hot pepper, Jalapeno?  a little mean, Habanero... outright EVIL.
  2. Gather your tools; waxed paper, knife, rolling pins and rubber gloves
  3. Sneak into the bathroom and pilfer your subjects toothbrush
  4. Equip your gloved and give the Jalapeno a rough chop
  5. Fold the Jalapeno into the sheet of waxed paper and roll over with the rolling pin to extract all those oils
  6. Unfold and notice the nice yummy puddle of HOT! this is what you want to dip the toothbrush in, avoid getting any pepper chunks or seeds, you just want the juices.
  7. Sneak the toothbrush back to where you found it, and do your best to hide your smirk when your target makes their way to the bathroom in the morning.



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    yet another reason to order some Trinidad Sorpion seeds

    very nice i think i might add hot sauce this

    Great, but if you want super revenge:

    1. scrub toilet with toothbrush.
    2. THEN do the habearo peper to it.

    SUPER REVENGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Do this to their contact lenses...ouch!

    8. Make 100% sure you lock up your toothbrush everynite so it doesnt get used to clean the toilet bowl.

    Congrats on your Prank-winning entry! 5 Stars!!!!