Look at the next steps

Step 1: 1. Find Pest

Just find a pest and catch it

Step 2: 2. Make Execution Table

It's pretty straight forward you make something to kill it on. Also get something sharp to stab it with(I'm using a wine topper).also attach a wine cork to it for a grip you know where I'm going with this?????????????????. And get some cardboard for the actual table ok good.ps magazines work for a table to

Step 3:

Step 4: 4. Bye Bye

You know what we do here. All done ?

Step 5: ?????

Just kidding it's fake blood
<p>ha ha that's perfect, why didn't I think of that :)</p>
<p>ooooookkkkk, uh, im going to go now............</p>
<p>Uhm, what?</p>
<p>Uhm, what?</p>

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