Reuse plastic bags in very nature boosting ways

Step 1: Step 1: Material Required

1 collect plastic bags

2 paper staplers

3 thread

4 soil and plant

Step 2: Step 2 ​put Each Plaastic Bag One by One Iside Another One

Step 3: Like in Pic

Step 4: Steple Its Edges Wraping the Edges

Step 5: Wrap an Extra Pastic on Boarder and Handels

it will prevent to water to be go in iner layers and enhance looks

Step 6: Its Ready to Fill Soil

Step 7: Filll It With Mixture of Soil,leafs and Organic Manure

Step 8: Grow Plants in It and Spread Greenery Around

thanks ,it's a green tribute to mother nature
<p>Great idea ! Love it.</p>
<p>Good ideas! :)</p>

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