I recently bought an iPod speaker system for my son from our local Curries , it cost £50 quid and it's absolutely crap! So i thought I'd have a go at making one myself. The idea was to make one with a budget of £0 and just use stuff from the house/shed. The wife said it mustn't look like a coffin and must be easy to use. I decided rather than waste time designing one i'd just rip off apple's design.
This is the first Instructable I've done so please be gentle!

Step 1: The Bits

As my budget was low (i.e. sod all!) I had to go rooting around the garage. Luckily I have a few bits of old car hifi and computer stuff floating around so that helped.

Here are the ingediants:-

1 X amplifier (15 year old pioneer) you can buy really cheap amps from maplin for a few quid
1 X 240v - 12v power supply which came from a knackered LCD monitor
1 X 13cm speaker came from an old Renault 19
2 X tweeters came from the same old renault
2 X crossovers from my old VW Polo hifi system
1 X sealed lead acid battery which came from my house alarm(please don't burgle me!)
assorted wire(from off the floor)
MDF 12mm is all I had
Isopon filler (yanks call it Bondo)
glue, nails and white gloss paint
Apple universal dock and remote (came off my desk, but you can get them for £15 off eBay)
That looks really good! I bet it sounds great. The ones you buy in the store are a complete joke unless you want to pay upwards of $500.<br />
very nice can some one help me with video cords
what do you need to know mate?
Wow! This boy is a genius!! He must take after his parents. Hope he gives this to his mUther when he leaves.
he drinks beer how is a boy he is a man
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top work. Imagine what you could do if you had more stella. 8- )
Kick @ss!! :D
i hvnt read through the instructible yet but...1- that looks like my iphone. 2- i'm mad about speakers, luv'em, but cant really afford'em (always broke) and 3- i couldnt make something this cool if my life depended on it!!! so i'll trust that it works pretty well, and give u 5 stars and making something so wicked! cheers!
Could you make me one
Yes. I'll email it to you.
email what
*facepalm* It was a joke referring to you asking for him to make you a speaker, so I said sarcastically "I'll email you one." You can't email physical objects. Now what little humor there was is dead, so thanks for making me explain it.
awww...dont worry...it was awesome sarcasm!
LOL. Best comment so far! Love your work.
pink snot or lung cancer... neither are very nice. Great tutorial by the way. And brilliant handy work, very impressive.
to be honest with you, this is the fist time i clicked this instructable even though its the 100th time i've seen it. i thought it was some stupid minor adjustment for $200 speakers lol. i thought these were bought and at least $100 nice job 6/5 stars and yes i meant 6.
this is awesome :D i have most of the bits laying around. don't fancy making the casing though so i'd probably fit it into a creatively selected object of some sort...
best to put it in a case. The sound projection will be louder, and more clear and crisp. The best cases are heavy and don't vibrate much.
this is soo cool!
very cool. i will probably make one since i need one!!!! thanks!!!!! =)<br/>
loved it and the unmistakable english sense of humour.
Great design, you could make it really thin, just enough room to clear the speaker drivers and then add some little "feet." Rhat would look cool flush against a wall :-)
Don't forget to 'calculate' the open space for optimal sound creation etc.
What I'm thinking is that if you take small piece of dense wood and connect the rear of the speakers to the outer housing it will transmit sound throughout the box... but it would only help sound if it was mono, otherwise it would mix channels. Just and idea, but you'll still have to keep some space- you are right about that. I'm no sound expert, so correct me if I'm wrong because I don't want to ruin anyones project ;-P
Damn fine project! Considering the cost of such devices to buy, and the "questionable" quality of such products, definitely a worthwhile project! I certainly hope your son appreciates the hard work his dad put into this project, beers or not! I am not an ipod owner, but I definitely appreciate hard work and excellent effort when I see it! 3 thumbs up brother! Loved it!
i absolutely love your english.
That's really cool! I wish I had a use for it, though. (Un)fortunately, I have a pseudo-hifi system in my room.
Great Job! Always wondered about the different ways rounded edges were done. Good choice of beer too!
Very nice... I love it... Only wish I had an ipod; the Sansa e200 series doesn't have any docks with remote control or all that good stuff :-( 5/5... Awsome work! Understandable without reading! -Gamer
yeah, you should get an iPod, after all the e2xx series is worth nothing lol did you get the "sync to continue music subscription" or "bad track" message yet? lol
nice job sell it on ebay as an apple exclusive ha ha ha.
This rocks. I happen to have an extra psp dock hanging around that has a charging port a usb connector and a speaker out. If I used your case design I could even make it look like a big PSP (with 10 percent variation in design of course). Thank you for the inspiration. Now for the perspiration. Sony is proud of their accessories too. Excellent instructable.
This is an amazing speaker system! Great job!
That is perfect. I see the Apple brand one and it is overly priced. I like this
Thanks for all the really nice comments guys! very much appreciated :)
damn thats nice. theres no way i could do that by hand. awesome job!
wow, awesome finishing job!
Nice one shteef, you can build me a coffin any day. Long live Maplins (although they are getting a bit crap, a few weeks back in the Wood Green one I was told they no long 'stock' AA battery pack/holder things. No idea if you can add to instructibles once they are written, but I'd love to see some more photos of inside and wiring when you add that USB charger. Cheers!
<awesome> </awesome>
Looks exactly like an apple, possibly sell cheap ones. Ilegal apple products anyone? XD
Usually I save the drinking until after the project is done. You're a better man than I.
Me + Beer + Paint = FTL &#8800; Graffiti <br/>
Really nice job, looks very professional!
Very nice work!

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